9 Nov 2007

Back in the pod...

I decided that it was time for bait -> once again to get out and about; the Independence channel had some new faces in it; soon to be permanent fixtures no doubt. We have Grunaca, Divinity Beta, Inglorfin and Nozaro; all hungry for the kill and loyal to the gank.

There was skiganon (see this entry) back in his ishtar along with some friends. We earlier popped his mate's hurricane but this time, Skig had woken up.

Grunaca in his rapier managed to track down the feared HAC and I was going to be bait; except a hound had appeared and had the audacity to fire at me. Anyway, it decloaked about 90KM from me and thought it would be safe. Little did it know that Grunaca was lurking - when I warped out, Grun had the hound dead. Skigannon then decloaked as I left the belt!

Grunaca called us all back into him and battle was joined. We had already decided to attempt to knock out all his drones, as most of his DPS would be coming from his T2 heavies. However, I was primary and was quickly reduced to scrap. I did knock out two of his drones though. I was in an egg but the rest of the gang fought hard and managed to bring down the HAC. The gang included Grunaca (rapier), Jack'Frost (enyo), Divinity Beta Hawk) and Nozaro (rifter and came in late!)

A good kill nonetheless.


Rakanas said...

I stumbled on your website and i recognised it instantly, the pirate i flew a few times with at the start of my eve career. You know me as Rakanas but that was a trial account, i wanted to pay for it but i had reallife isues so i needed to stop. some time later i started again. but the first i came online i was ivited by some corp. This corp was in Ushra'khan and i thought why not and i joined and got sucked in a war(ushra'khan lost it's stations). After some time (afew months) i became bored and i stopped my subscription. But now i'm back making some isk and then i'm comming to eiffer to be pirate once again. I hope to meet you once again there :D

My new ingamename is nframa

Flashfresh said...


You're one of the original inhabitants of the Independence channel; an idea set up for pirates who just wanted to gank and lose themselves in the thrill of the hunt and the kill. Corp and Alliance ideals came a distant second.

Welcome back. Will keep an eye on 'Nframa' in local.

Fly safe and good hunting.