26 Oct 2007

Skigannon came back.

Jubes and I tackled Skigannon, once again in his ishtar. Jubes went in first and tackled then called me in. Mid-way through warp I saw 'gf' from Skigannon.

I mean, WTF? I thought to myself.

On arrival, Jubes' hurricane-class battlecruiser (a dual rep active tank setup) was not there, just a smoking wreck. Drones were buzzing around and I was a tad worried, I locked and webbed Skigannon and was disappointed to see that the majority of the shields were still there and his armour was untouched.

Oh dear i thought.

No matter, I had Hail M loaded, not the best choice against shields but Jubes did cause enough damage that my drones managed to strip off the remaining shields quickly enough. My 425mm ACs (refitted from the usual dual-180mm ACs) opened up with a furious barrage. Hail M is a real motherfucker of an ammo, specialised yes, but it was perfect for this engagement: short and sweet. No tracking issues (due to both of us being webbed) and no running either.

However, Skigannon's drones (ogre IIs) ripped my shield to pieces and I was toggling first one and then both MAR IIs to keep my hull safe. However, his armour was being blasted off too - and from memory, he had only one MAR II and a Med Capacitor Booster in place. I was hoping that I would be on top. His armour disappeared before his MAR could cycle and his was in hull. The Hail ammo absolutely ate into him while I was tanking with about 55% armour and holding.

Skigannon's Ishtar went down to 50% and yes, it seemed to be just sitting there, I had this horrible feeling once more but the Gods of wars were with me and his hull popped. I snapped the scrambler towards the pod but he insta-warped out of there.

I grabbed all the surviving mods from Jubes' wreck and what was left from Skigannon. Once more, I congratulated Skigannon on what I think is the best Ishtar fit I have seen. Over the last two engagements, I have managed to get an idea on what his low-slot fit might be.


MadJack said...

Nice blog you got here. Glad UFA got a mention, even though we've been in the Eifer area for months. We don't make it there as often as we did once, but we still like to jump in and mix it up once in a while.

MadJack said...

shit, meant to comment on your post above this one...lol

flashfresh said...

Hope to see you UFA guys more then! - love to lock horns once again. Have had a serious ass-kicking off you guys before.

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