26 Oct 2007

Killed some goons

Was hoping to jump to Molden Heath for some action when an impromptu gang was formed with Jubes, Viper Sam, Rhyko and ImYourNightmare. There appeared to be some Goons in local and while I respect them and wish them the best against GBC down South, a target is a target. So am in wolf and join the gang, eager for the kill. It would be an uneven fight in terms of numbers, as MDK187 only had one more gang mate (Dynamic Man in local) - we had four but what fights are equal? This wasn't a duel but an ambush / gank and we wanted to guarantee a kill. However, this Goon corp (Battlestars) had been in Eifer earlier and had scored hits. See this link. So they were out and about and all power to them.

The gang, having formed took some time to locate the target as MDK187 was moving in and out of low-sec. Us pirates couldn't move out after him due to the unpleasant gate guns, so we waited.

ImYourNightmare called us in however once he managed to engage MDK187. Nightmare was in his hurricane-class battlecruiser and man, can that baby tank. I have no idea what he has on that puppy but I want to know! We engaged the myrmidon and blasted it to scrap. Dynamic Man can roaring into the fight to help his fellow Goon and his Pilgrim clamped it's neutralisers onto the slab-shaped hurricane. Jubes (rupture), Viper Same (stabber) and I (wolf) kept on the primary target of the myrmidon but I switched my warp scrambler onto the newly arrived pilgrim. Can't be having that tasty looking ship escape now can we?

The myrmidon, mighty as it was, held on bravely but ultimately - it popped under the furious onslaught. I was in two-minds whether to snag and pod the capsule but I didn't want to lose the point on the pilgrim. I had no indication that anyone else had a point so did not want to risk it. MDK187 warped away.

The pilgrim, feared as it was, stood no chance against the four remaining ships and it was dismantled in short order, blowing up in a glorious burst of light and sound. I snagged and podded Dynamic Man since no fight would be complete without the lovely squishy sound of a pod being ripped open and it's organic contents flash-freezing in the vacuum. The gang did not agree, prior to the fight on whether we should ransom the Goons so the default option was to kill them.

'GF' was exchanged but MDK187 was a little sore complaining about the 4 v 2 they had. No fights are fair and to be honest, ImYourNightmare could have probably taken both the myrmidon and the pilgrim solo, such was his tank.

MDK187 promised to come back. I can't wait.

The loot was decent but it's about the thrill of the fight for me.