25 Oct 2007

Logging Maller and Fun In A Complex

Jubes was back online and was delighted we had finally killed Skigannon and his ishtar but to the antics of today: only fun was me tracking down a maller and killing it. The pilot in panic logged out but made the mistake of logging back in 1 minute later. I was still where I was and snagged him again and killed his cruiser stone dead. Missed the pod though.

Notice that the pilot was not in local yet his ship was? Of course, he probably wasn't expecting to get ambushed today.

Jubes (first words to me were: 'gang me and let's kill that ferox') and I also tracked down a ferox that was afk in a complex. We landed about 69KM and tried to close the distance before the pilot noticed. I got in close and opened up. Jubes was in his rupture (another one) but it was slow with no mwd. Once I started to open fire on the ferox, the pilot woke up, spat out x5 drones and threw out missiles towards me and Jubes. I killed the drones quickly and tanked the damage but the pilot was smart enough to direct all his missile fire to me and strip my shields down. I was relying on a 400mm RT plate and small signature to protect me but I couldn't also break the ferox tank solo, even in a wolf. The drones had done their damage when the last one was finally dispatched. Jubes was still over 50km away. Now, I thought he would warp out and then back to me but in the heat of the combat, there was a communication break down. I have no active armour tanking on the wolf, as I have a small offlined SAR II. Can't fit it alongside a 400mm RT plate so I was losing chunks of armour with each missile blow.

Jubes was still too far when I had to warp out.

I whipped the wolf around once I got to the nearest planet and came back in. Jubes finally had engaged but he was tanking missile fire from 50km all the way into his optimal at the 3km range.

Even with a double-repper/double-booster setup it was a big ask and eventually Jubes popped. I think Jubes ship knocked the ferox down to armour but couldn't sustain.

Pity - it would have been an excellent kill.