24 Oct 2007

Fun in Eifer

Had an interesting day, on logging Jubes called me in. Jubes is one of the residents of Eifer / Gusandall and we've struck up a rapport. He was on the end of my guns a while back but the world turned for him and he became a vicious and respected pirate. Certainly, I can learn from him now - especially since he has been with M34N for a while.

He was piloting a claw and had spotted a stiletto and needed some help to kill it. I had my rupture with me , nano'ed for speed with no tank and gank. It took over 15 minutes before we managed to track down the interceptor but even with my mwd; there was no way in hell I could catch the enemy interceptor. Jubes closed the distance in his equally fast claw, leaving me in the slow boat rupture, floundering.

I did manage to send the drones after him however.

My cap had finally been exhausted and I slowed. I suddenly realised that I was horribly exposed. Like most run of bad events, things go from bad to worse. A hurricane-class battlecruiser dropped out of warp more or less alongside me. Eh?

I tried to get into optimal but he had me webbed and scrambled. I fired back as luckily, us Minmatar don't need cap to fire. We do need cap to repair or to run away - both things that I couldn't do. However, my DPS was too low compared to that of the cane but I managed to get it down to armour. My 1600mm plate saved me from an insta-pop but with no cap whatsoever, I could not run anything else. My end was inevitable.

2007.10.24 16:57

Victim: flashfresh
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Independent Pilots
Destroyed: Rupture
System: Eifer
Security: 0.4

Involved parties:
Name: Arkady Sadik
Security: -0.7
Alliance: Electus Matari
Corp: Gradient
Ship: Stiletto
Weapon: Warp Disruptor II

Name: Robert Kauliford (laid the final blow)
Security: 2.0
Alliance: Electus Matari
Corp: Re-Awakened Technologies Inc
Ship: Hurricane
Weapon: Hobgoblin I

Destroyed items:
Proton M, Qty: 2000 (Cargo)
Damage Control I, Qty: 1
220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II, Qty: 2
Cross-Lateral Gyrostabilizer I, Qty: 1
1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I, Qty: 1
10MN MicroWarpdrive I, Qty: 1
Barrage M, Qty: 47

It was a good fight, no smack but once my GCC had gone I came back in my rifter for revenge but there was no one around. Later on, in my wolf I got a few satisfying kills but it was much later in the evening that Jubes and Sai Kon requested help from me. There was an ishtar in local, it had already popped Jubes before and he was eager for revenge. We needed a lot of firepower to kill it and from what Jubes told me, it had T2 gear throughout. A challenge and worthy of us pirates. Who cares if it could turn out to be a 3 v 1? No fights in EVE are fair. So I decided to bring out my nanocane. A hurricane with large shield extenders and nano-fibers in the lows. No armour tank but with a meaty shield HP buffer and T2 ACs with barrage / hail / emp. It should be enough right?

So the ishtar pilot was playing smart. While he had no idea me, Jubes and Sai were in the same gang, he wasn't taken chances and hugged the Emolgranlen gate closely. Occasionally, he would jump into high sec space and then jump back in and warp to a belt. Maybe in a effort to catch a pirate doing his business. Certainly, that was how he took down Jubes when he was pirating in his rupture the other day.

This went on for about ten minutes before Sai (in his rifter) managed to get a point on the Ishtar. The communications channel burst into life as we all fired up our engines and vectored into Sai. Jubes in his claw had already joined in and both him and Sai were waiting for my hurricane to join in. By the time the warp tunnel had evaporated and vomited me out into real space, the environment I found myself in was buzzing with drones. The Ishtar had locked onto the interceptor and was sending T2 mediums. However, as soon as I landed - the valkyries were withdrawn and ogre IIs screamed out. I hit the scrambler and webber and hit a nice 5KM orbit or so and opened up.

His ogre IIs started to tear into me, my shields start to disappear fast.
'Kill his drones guys. Kill his drones!' I also snapped on my x2 medium smart bombs, a last minute addition based on what Jubes had said. However, the drones were being very persistent and skigannon, the ishtar pilot skilfully scooped them up when their shields were being damaged. Meanwhile, I was also being pelted with T2 hybrid ordnance from the ishtar. My shields held up a little as his DPS slackened but I suddenly realised my folly: I should have fit either a shield recharger or a booster as I had next to no armour and it was doubtful if my damage control unit could do enough. Out came his drones, the ishtar was out of shields and down to 45% armour as my emp smashed into him. I forgot to change to hail and decided that the time it would take to change was too precious. My mistake though as it turned out. His last bit of armour disappeared and I felt we had him. My shields were gone but his rounds were killing my armour in chunks. Throughout this, I must have killed some of his drones but left the detail to my two wingmen. The ishtar dropped to about 50% hull just as I entered hull. He managed to pull back a bit of armour, much to my chagrin, while I was now on fire. I dropped very quickly into 25% hull and Skigannon could smell blood while I could smell something else!

The Ishtar's hull refused to go below 50% (eh?) while mine was finally blasted into oblivion. A little bit shocked, I yelled out to Jubes and Sai to finish off the job as the Ishtar was now at 50% hull, no shield and no armour. I warped out of there.

Jubes and Sai both died very quickly. The Ishtar survived.

What a fight. Skigannon survived a 3 v 1 with a sliver of hull left. What a pilot and what a ship! I congratulated him but did make it a point that I would have to come back for him later!
Take a bow Skigannon.
2007.10.24 17:46
Victim: flashfresh
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Independent Pilots
Destroyed: Hurricane
System: Eifer
Security: 0.4

Involved parties:
Name: skigannon (laid the final blow)
Security: 0.7
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Space Forces of EvE
Ship: Ishtar
Weapon: Ogre II
Destroyed items:
EMP M, Qty: 98
Gyrostabilizer I, Qty: 2
Damage Control II, Qty: 1
220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II, Qty: 2
Medium Proton Smartbomb I, Qty: 1
Local Hull Conversion Nanofiber Structure I, Qty: 1
Beta Hull Mod Nanofiber Structure, Qty: 1
Large F-S9 Regolith Shield Induction, Qty: 1
Dual 180mm Carbine Repeating Cannon I, Qty: 1
Medium Rudimentary Concussion Bomb I, Qty: 1

Anyway, I docked up and found my second 'cane. Jubes had to log so this left me and Sai who then went afk. Anway, another member of the independence channel was around: JacknFrost who offered help. Skigannon was still around in eifer so I decided it was time to even up the odds a bit. Both Jack and I jumped into Eifer as a gang and went looking. Skigannon could obviously see me in local but no-one else. Jack would be the ace.

Sai came back online hungry for revenge in another rifter having had his last one shot out from underneath him. It was Sai who tackled and called me and Jack in. Jack was in his ishkur while Sai was in his second rifter. I came in my second (or is it third) hurricane.

Battle was joined and once again, Skigannon scooped up his medium drones and spat out x5 ogre IIs drones. The graticule flashed red and he started to engage me. With an active armour tank, I felt that this contest would go my way and as my hail ammunition ripped into the Ishtar, I had this tickle at the base of my spine that I would prevail.

Sai and Jack managed to knock out the Ishtar's drone and cause damage but, to my consternation - the ishtar was down to 50% hull and the then damage was stopped. How odd. By this time, I had redirected my light drones and had them chewing on the ishtar's very tough exterior. After a few more minutes of pew-pew, his hull disappeared very quickly. Wonder if it was a graphics bug? Skigannon popped out amidst his wreckage and drones and I cried out to the two wing men to get a point on Skigannon - surely we would not let a ransom opportunity slip by? However, he managed to get away: both Jack and Sai had been flung too far away during the combat to effectively get a point on the pod.


The loot was very good and included a hatful of T2 drones (Jack and Sai grabbed them all) some tech 2 light neutron blasters, T2 ammo and a few other choice T2 bits. I grabbed a T2 adaptive membrane and gave it to Sai. He didn't get onto the kill mail as he was knocking out the drones but he deserved as much as anyone. Concord pinged me an evemail and it was a joyous occasion.

2007.10.24 18:36
Victim: skigannon
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Space Forces of EvE
Destroyed: Ishtar
System: Eifer
Security: 0.4

Involved parties:
Name: flashfresh (laid the final blow)
Security: -10.0
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Independent Pilots
Ship: Hurricane
Weapon: 425mm AutoCannon II

Name: Jack'Frost
Security: -1.7
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Waste Management Inc
Ship: Ishkur
Weapon: Hobgoblin II

Destroyed items:
Medium Capacitor Booster II, Qty: 1
Light Neutron Blaster II, Qty: 1
Co-Processor II, Qty: 1
Energized Reflective Membrane II, Qty: 1
Null S, Qty: 44
Small Nosferatu II, Qty: 1
Valkyrie II, Qty: 2

That was a good kill. We fired off an evemail to Jubes telling him we had avenged him.