10 Nov 2007

We missed the Ishtar.....

Another night out and about in beautiful Heimatar and surrounding areas; i found myself in a small gang with a 'geddon, cane and stabber. I was in my jaguar and we had a scan prober with the gang. Within 20 minutes we were being vectored into a raven but a mix-up between the scout and the main gank party was confused and we lost the opportunity for a decent kill. Unfortunately, this was our luck for the rest of the night - close brushes with ratters and pirates alike but no kills. It was a pity really as the fleet of six had some considerable firepower. Coming back later in the day I was delighted to see a large fleet and within five minutes, I just made it onto the killmail of a very tough harbringer. It was packed with T2 gear. Skigganon was back once more but to my chagrin, we lost him, we were so close. Skigganon zipped out of the system.

Great pity as he would have had been a good kill, yet again.