22 Oct 2007

Making a bid to be a News Clones for EVE-TV

Am making a bid to be a news clone for EVE-TV.

"Law-abiding citizens have continued to push into previous well-known pirate haunts causing much consternation to the local eye-patching wearing populace. Omega alliance have been moving pilots and ships into Eifer and the surrounding low-sec regions and bravely establishing a presence by blasting outlaws of all hues. They have scored numerous successes against the many independent pirates in the area and the largest local pirate corporation, MeanCorp (ticker: M34N) are, for some unknown reason, been set to friendly to Omega Alliance.

In related news, MeanCorp made a decision to join the infamous pirate alliance called 'The Church' that includes many a well-known pirate organisations including Infinitus Odium (INFOD) and Beer and Kebabs (BNK). The decision to move came as a surprise to many of the local residents as it means a relocation from Heimatar to Molden Heath for Colonel Kurtz, Tiggertime and Feral Karkassia and their friends. Surely there's no relationship between the emergence of Omega and the freeing up of Eifer?"

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Anonymous said...

Omega + Church = blue. ;)