21 Oct 2007


I see that Omega Alliance has been making a home in and around Eifer. Looks like no one is prepared to shift them. M3AN are BLUE to them for crying out loud. Strange, so strange.


Anonymous said...


Haven't been able to reach you in-game (you haven't been online! :o), so I hope you don't mind me asking my question here. What is your take on Interceptors, and how are they for solo/small group piracy compared to the minmatar assault frigates? I'm going to train for either one.

Flashfresh said...

Inties are good tacklers in small group work but solo work can be tough. A plated claw is a mean ship however and in the hands of a good pilot can take on most things up to a BC (no really) - seen it before. Min AF I like but the jury is out on them. They are very hard hitting ships but still frigate hulls, so some generic rules apply: If you're webbed, you're dead. If you're nossed, you're *probably* dead. Speed is your friend.