16 Oct 2007

Back after a break

Between RL issues and my ISP giving my crap. Am back. Am angry and want to kill someone. So on the day I come back there is a long patch day. Fuck.

However, this devblog article gave me a reason to cheer. Long have I wanted a means in which I can view the kill mails ingame. While I use Battleclinic a lot, something ingame would be cool too. Also, no more killmails going to NPCS and the full value of the kill is recorded with rigs included. Are implants included too?

YAAARRR. I want more. I need to kill someone. I lost the Jag and Wolf but am getting two more right now. God bless New Eden.


Anonymous said...

What about the Hurricane?

Flashfresh said...

Have two more Hurricanes but one can't beat the Wolf or Jag.

Looking to going back to refitting out a rupture with mucho T2 kit....