28 Sep 2007

The HUNS get their revenge......

The next day or was it later? Another call came out on the independence and there was much consternation due to a hated crow-interceptor racing around pwning us. Jubes lost his AF to it as the speedy interceptor raced around the hapless ships and pummeled them with faction missiles. From what I could hear it was not pretty.

The pilots all ganged up and tried to plot a way to get the crow. Webbers were needed most definitely so I refitted with x2 webbers and a micro-warpdrive. A second rifter and a jaguar completed the gang. Not bad we thought as we all jumped into Eifer. The gang was me (webby-rifter), Viper Sam (Jaguar) and Jubes in his rifter. We danced around the belts and planets as we spotted the crow. He had at least one friend with him, piloting a caracal. Could be tricky this one we thought but we were out for blood.

Viper called out that he had the crow and for us to warp to him. We leapt at the chance and landed.....miles from the crow. It was travelling at some velocity so we desperately tried to close the distance. I also spotted the caracal at around 60KM and slowly closing the distance. This could get nasty real quick. However, the crow was too fast, even with a microwarpdrive I could not close the distance to effectively use my webber.

I finally managed to double web the crow and then opened up with my weapons. It's shields disappeared quick...but so did mine. The caracal had managed to lock me and had unleashed a rain of missiles that destroyed my shields in a flash. I was dead but didn't quite know it.

Holding on I desperately shouted for help but it was too late. I popped but got the pod out.

The bitter sting of defeat still fresh in my mouth, I switched to the 'Black Lotus' my hurricane. My and Jubes and Viper came back in and re-engaged more or less the same bunch of pilots. They had a harbringer, carcal and thorax. We engaged the harbringer and blasted the Amarr BC into half armour before it knew what was going on. Then I suddenly lost target lock.

I looked around, my velocity had dropped and someone was using a painter on me. Checking the overview my heart froze. There was a rapier there now - it must have joined the gang that we were engaging. It had me webbed from a ridiculous range and had me painted, now my signature was the same size as that of a nearby moon and all hits were doing maximum damage on me. In desperation, I tried to wriggle out - but still concentrating on the harbringer who's tenacity on holding on was admirable.

The harbringer was down to hull and I lost my lock again. What the hell? My armour was tanking a huge pounding as my shields had long since evaporated. My drones, thankfully kept on target and continued to chew into the harbringer. After what seemed like an age, I regained lock and blasted the final, tenacious bit of hull off the harbringer's structure and it exploded.

I wasn't to far behind however and I gave the order to abandon ship.

Unfortunately, I got podded as I was too slow to warp out. Gah.

You win some you lose some. Good fight though, one of the best I have had in an age but am still a bit perplexed about why I was losing my lock so many times.....