17 Sep 2007

0.0 fun or is it?

Roaming around in an assault frigate gang in 0.0 is fun...providing you keep moving. We ended up gate camping and got our asses kicked by an interdictor, x2 HACs and x2 Raptors. Ouch.

Assault Frigates lend themselves to fast, hard-hitting and constantly moving attack groups. They should not remain static and using them for gate camping can only work if they had backup. Yes, assault frigates have fast locks but can't withstand sustained fire for long.

So next time, I will decide on a route through low-sec and 0.0 and move through it swiftly; pausing only long enough to sniff out viable targets. By the time a response has been rallied, I want to be long gone.

On my way back, the massive camp I saw had all but disappeared and within three jumps I was back in familiar Metropolis / Molden heath low-sec space. I wanted to head back to refit my jaguar and spotted a covetor on scan. A lone miner? Checking his bio and he was in an NPC corp. Lovely.

A few scans and I narrowed him down to a planet and warped in. I landed over 100km away. Damn. However, the fool was right next to a can. I quickly bookmarked it and warped off, with the full intention of coming back and blowing him to kingdom come.

I did just that, the miner didn't even respond as I reckon he was afk. I waited for three minutes for a reponse when he was into low hull but nothing so I popped him. Snagging the pod, I did the same again and then popped him. As soon as I engaged, I had opened up a conversation with the miner but it was a full ten minutes after the invitation that he answered. He was away from the keyboard and was sorry he lost his ship and his pod.

Shaking my head I waited out for my timer and jumped home - snacking on an unfortunate rifter I found.

Time for a jaguar refit I think a road trip. Need to pack beer.