13 Sep 2007

Wolf Power

I moved to a wolf and it sure packs a punch. Not too comfortable with it solo but a 3-volleyed a thrasher yesterday. Just plain ripped him up.

Hunting him down was fun, he was tricky and moved quickly but the lure of wrecks and loot in a belt ALWAYS brings those carebears back. Like a fisherman I waited and waited and pounced and it made the kill all the more sweeter. I chuckled when after the third volley from the 150mm T2 ACs, I was looking at a smoking wreck. Nice, nice. The loot was poor but it's the kill mail right?

Viper Sam told me he had 16 (SIXTEEN) kills that day and he is now in love with his Jaguar. Being in love with a ship is a dangerous move as this attachment means you will hesitate when the odds start looking a bit stacked against you. Hesitation kills.

Having said that, I love my Wolf and jaguar and cane and yes, even the humble rifter.