9 Aug 2007

Unfamiliar and rookie gangmates FTW!!!

Well Jubes and I were asked to join a gang of new pilots all who wanted to pirate. Quite a lot of fun but the lack of experience told. Funny chat:

Lieutenant Seras > to any safe spot
Rohga > I'm picking up the myrm and jag now
El'kanya > Semi safe here
El'kanya > *pops a defacer*
flashfresh > Deast1 --> lets kill him
Rohga > myrm's gone
flashfresh > I am in jag. Anyone who fires on me gets fired back.
Rohga > I thought you were stalking us
flashfresh > Not now.
El'kanya > Seras. You're close to the Myrm
Lieutenant Seras > Yeah?
Lieutenant Seras > Jubes, flash, you guys to to myrm first

Lieutenant Seras was the rookie gang leader. The gang consisted of x2 rifters, x2 ruptures (with Jubes being in one of them), x1 Jaguar (me) and a thrasher (Seras).

Jubes > all in and already
flashfresh > Chaps, best to have one of you sitting in a belt and waiting for him.
Jubes > Yeah
Jubes > I can replace bait ship
flashfresh > We all align to him and as soon as myrm appears we warp to gang member
El'kanya > I got VI belt 1
flashfresh > ok El' will be bait
El'kanya > No, lemme take 4
Jubes > This is so cool
El'kanya > IV
flashfresh > El' -> call us in when the myrm appears close to you.
El'kanya > Gotcha

El'kanya seemed like a sound pilot.

flashfresh > We will warp to you at 0km so we will land close to you.
flashfresh > FFS do not call us in if the myrm is 100km away!!!

Jubes then offered some more sound advice:

Jubes > Remember take down the drones
flashfresh > Points on the myrm and knock out his drones make sure you target HIS drones.
Jubes > x as signal
El'kanya > Checking V
Jubes > type X to call us in
Lieutenant Seras > Why do you want to get this myrm so badly?
Jubes > He podded me bad

The myrmidon was piloted by SavageWarrior. A local pirate.

weth'Am Nos'redan > he's there!!!!!!!!
flashfresh > Be a bit more specific please weth'
Lieutenant Seras > I also podded you : /

Gah. No time for gloating!

Jubes > concentrate please
El'kanya > Checking I
flashfresh > Cut the chatter. Let El' call us in.
El'kanya > Checkin V
Jubes > Sit in belt and he will come to you!
flashfresh > Sit in v-1
El'kanya > He's at a planetEl'kanya > hang on
flashfresh > El = you have back up.
flashfresh > we need to hurry as the lack of engagement will probably tip off deast1
El'kanya > Working on it
flashfresh > S'ok mate
flashfresh > Not rushing you. You've got a hard job.
Lieutenant Seras > Why don't you also search..?

A rather silly question. Obviously he has never been in this position before.

flashfresh > I could be in mid warp when I get the call to come in.
Jubes > he wouldn't sit in belt
flashfresh > Thorax in local.
flashfresh > General Coochie

I knew Coochie had a scanner alt and that he would probe out all those SS'ed ships.

Jubes > El pls sit in V-1
El'kanya > Will do
flashfresh > OK - we have another player. Deast1 and General Coochie.
Lieutenant Seras > El, do what he says, but first sign of betrayal, get out of there

LOL. The paranoia.

Jubes > All align to V-1 pls
flashfresh > Aligning
flashfresh > General coochie is hunting as well.
El'kanya > Seras is in V-1
flashfresh > Am moving around now. He came close to my ss
Jubes > Type X if you need us
Lieutenant Seras > or broadcats it
Lieutenant Seras > cast*

Obviously he was referring to the rather nifty gang broadcast but to be honest, I never look at it.
Lieutenant Seras > enemy spotted or need back up
flashfresh > 'x' will do, cuts chatter and is very clear.
Jubes > hahhahah taking forever
weth'Am Nos'redan > v- 3
flashfresh > guys - look out for scan probes. General Coochie is using an alt scan prober to find ss'ed ships
Lieutenant Seras > x

We have a score and I hit the warp to button. Almost breaking the mouse.

flashfresh > omw
El'kanya > me too?

Obviously, even if you're bait.

flashfresh > warping
Lieutenant Seras > a drake and a myrm!!!
Jubes > warping
flashfresh > everyone warp to seras!
weth'Am Nos'redan > omw
Jubes > which target?
flashfresh > Myrmidon and drones first. Myrmidon is primary
Lieutenant Seras > deast and langori both
flashfresh > all warp to seras!
El'kanya > I can't hit drones with Arties

I exit warp.

flashfresh > wth ?
Jubes > what 300km?
flashfresh > Too far away now. All disengage
flashfresh > Ach.
Jubes > I thought you engaged
Jubes > This so bad
flashfresh > He was too far away. 300km. FFS, Don't call people in when enemy is +100km away
Lieutenant Seras > Least i found him.
flashfresh > We've giving away our hand. Oh well.
Jubes > OK forget it
Jubes > He knows already
flashfresh > Yah

On our own personal chat Jubes and I were tearing out hair out. What an embarrassing situation!

weth'Am Nos'redan > where was that?
Jubes > well something to learn
El'kanya > Shoulda warped in within 100km
El'kanya > or 70, even
flashfresh > Too late now.
Lieutenant Seras >I was more worried bout that drake, it was 40 k/m fro me
El'kanya > Yeah
Lieutenant Seras > He's still here
flashfresh > 40km still too far away
Jubes > when engaged and scrambling enemy then call us in
weth'Am Nos'redan > Where r u though?
Lieutenant Seras > I'm not a tackler.
Lieutenant Seras > Rohga is

El'kanya > Got an idea
weth'Am Nos'redan > which belt?
El'kanya > He's above you, right?
El'kanya > Technically
Lieutenant Seras > coochie is at..
El'kanya > No, Deast
Lieutenant Seras > 4-2
Lieutenant Seras > no 4-3
Lieutenant Seras > he at me

In all the chatter Seras call for help was not heeded...

El'kanya > Got a BC at the Emol gate

El'kanya > Right, but is he above you?
Lieutenant Seras > warp to me
El'kanya > How far is the Myrm?
Jubes > For what? only call us if sramble

What happened to the 'X' that we all agreed would call the rest of the gang in?

Lieutenant Seras > eifer 4 belt 3 has a thorax

El'kanya > If the Myrm is 100m above her, and we warp within 100m of her from above her, we're on his ass

Some are still chatting and distracting the rest....

Rohga > x
Lieutenant Seras > and it just killed me
flashfresh > One pilot at a time guys. Too much chatter here.
Jubes > then i buy you 2 of yours
El'kanya > omw
weth'Am Nos'redan > omw
Jubes > omw
El'kanya > Coochie
flashfresh > omw
Rohga > died
El'kanya > X
Rohga > goddamn that thorax hits like a brick
weth'Am Nos'redan > you did?
Lieutenant Seras > thats 2 of us down
El'kanya > 3
Lieutenant Seras > Ah well
Lieutenant Seras > Rohga, el you guys can afford to buy a new ship right
flashfresh > Thorax will be going down
flashfresh > who else is coming in?

Thorax got destroyed by my Jaguar and Jubes Cruiser and a one more cruiser.

Rohga > I can afford a new ship
Lieutenant Seras > k, you el?
El'kanya > I got taken out
El'kanya > Warp Scrambled and webified
Lieutenant Seras > can you buy a new ship?
flashfresh > good fight chaps
El'kanya > Yeah
Lieutenant Seras > alright.
El'kanya > but all my skill books were in the wreck


Rohga > Did you take out the thorax?

flashfresh > yes
Lieutenant Seras > Damn, you should of put them in a station
El'kanya > Forgot to unload em
El'kanya > Grab my shit?
Rohga > Congrats, wish I lasted long enough to see it
flashfresh > Good job on calling it in though.
Jubes > wat ship you lost?
weth'Am Nos'redan > el'k: ya getting it
Lieutenant Seras > we get soem loot here
Rohga > rifter
El'kanya > Thrasher
Rohga > nothing special on it
Jubes > check wallet
flashfresh > Good call in Rohga. Well done.
Rohga > Thanks
Lieutenant Seras > : / I yelled it first.


Rohga > And thanks Jubes
Jubes > imy target keep lossing
El'kanya > Lost a Thrasher and about 10 mil in books
weth'Am Nos'redan > el'k, where do you want me to meet you with stuff?
Lieutenant Seras > I lost a rifter, though, my gear was the important thing..
Jubes > go get it
weth'Am Nos'redan > got books
flashfresh > You kept books on a combat ship about to engage?
flashfresh > Are you mad?
El'kanya > I forgot to unload em
weth'Am Nos'redan > that's waht i thought
El'kanya > I dont normally
flashfresh > OK - who has the killmails?
weth'Am Nos'redan > k, just killing an npc
Jubes > send me the copy
El'kanya > I was 100% insured, I'm goofd
weth'Am Nos'redan > x
weth'Am Nos'redan > coochie is back
El'kanya > Dude, wtf?
El'kanya > My stuff!
El'kanya > THought you were getting out of the system?
weth'Am Nos'redan > k, omw
flashfresh > warp to you Weth?
flashfresh > Who has the kill maiL?
weth'Am Nos'redan > nvrmind.. im gone
Jubes > omy
El'kanya > we gotta regroup
weth'Am Nos'redan > i do
El'kanya > Weth, meet me in Emalgranlan
flashfresh > send a copy to ALL pilots on it.
flashfresh > we have drake and myrmidon at the moment.
El'kanya > eh?
weth'Am Nos'redan > el'k: im jumping now
El'kanya > I'm at the Brutor Bureau
El'kanya > VII Moon 9
Jubes > why you bring skills book around
weth'Am Nos'redan > omw
weth'Am Nos'redan > lolz
El'kanya > Forgot to unload em, for the 4th time
flashfresh > That's silly....
Lieutenant Seras > Hurry up and pay my my compisation so i can log
weth'Am Nos'redan > you in station?
weth'Am Nos'redan > compisation?
El'kanya > Yep, in station
Jubes > el check your wallet
El'kanya > thanks
weth'Am Nos'redan > can i give you these things in station or do i have to drop them into space?
El'kanya > Can do it in station
Jubes > in station right cluick the name and trade
Lieutenant Seras > *sniff* My noob pirates are becoming real pirates :)
weth'Am Nos'redan > k, thnx
El'kanya > >.<> Oh and flash, i sent you my dead mail so you can compinsate me
flashfresh > You what mail?
Lieutenant Seras > Oh well, looks like i'm not getting reinbursed.

Er no.


Marc said...

Damn dude, I would have popped them for that travesty, you have way more patience than me.

-Kane Rizzel-

Anonymous said...

A little too much patience in my book.
Compensation, the nerve!


Anonymous said...

Woot Im in your blogg. Be back in EvE soon when school settled a bit.

Hope to see you in space then.

-General C