10 Aug 2007

2.5 Million ransom - thank you very much!

Been really busy in RL and such and will be trying my best to do some yarring in between gardening, working on the car, vacations and other stuff. However, the keen thrill of EVE will always be there.

Logging in, I wanted to set a record on how quickly I could get into a scrap without smacktalk. I undocked in my jaguar and with the clock ticking I zipped to Eifer and went straight to the Emolg' gate. Local was busy as per usual with 90% sweat shop haulers running junk in their cargo holds. Sometimes, pirates and others spend a day destroying them, leaving a hazardous mess of wrecks and corpse near stargates. It doesn't seem to stop them however and many come back in the same type of haulers and away they go.

The clock is ticking and I landed 1km from the gate. There was a thrasher-class destroyer sitting there. It was sniffing around some wrecks so I quickly locked the ship and hit the afterburner. We some joy, it locked me back though it could have been the ships auto-targeting system. Being so close to the gate guns; I could not afford to open fire but the thrasher could. The clock showed 76 seconds had elapsed.

The thrasher flashed red on my overview and then the first shots landed on my shields.


On came the webber and the disruptor, the webber had to come on as the thrasher had turned and was running for the gate. The webber reduced it's velocity down to about 10m/s so I had time to kill it. My 150mm auto canons spun up and spat out EMP shells to that ripped into the shields and the then the thin armour.

The stargate flashed once and I thought 'Reinforcements?'

Maybe it was a trap and I had fallen for it. Who cares?

The newcomer was a rupture class cruiser and I decided that it too would die. I locked him but couldn't afford to put any points on the cruiser. Also, with some relief, I realised that if I did scramble him, the gate guns would open up and tear me apart. Ach, how the mind slows down when in the heat of combat!

Anyway, the thrasher was now on fire. The rupture locked me back but didn't fire. The thrasher popped and I snagged the pod and demanded a 2,500,000K isk ransom. Even better that the pilot gave me the ransom. I let him go.

Oddly, he sat there near the gate and didn't move. Very odd; maybe he was protecting his wreck?

With the new change clinking in my wallet I orbited the gate - quite pleased with the isk. Not bad after just under 5 minutes from login I was now 2.5million isk richer.