7 Aug 2007

Yaarrrr - back

Been away from EVE for too long in RL (ok, a week!) so it is good to be back. I had some long skill training anyways and it is almost done. That makes me happy.

So what has happened?

1. All of my sell orders have been sold and netting me a cool 23 million. Loot FTW.
2. Lucius Cain has joined up with the Blood Corsair's and left Heimatar (Good Luck Luc!)
3. Malevolent (ex- Blackfleet) has left Heimatar region - I think.
4. Ingunn has more sweat shop haulers than I have toes and fingers.
5. Realised that while hopelessly addicted to EVE; I really enjoyed (nay, loved) my time off. It sharpens the EVE appetite in my view.

Without my ado, I jumped into my Jag and was instantly convo'ed in the Independence channel by a few recognised faces. They wanted a rifter gang and we were to head in to Eifer as there was a Stabber fleet issue and a myrmidon for the picking. Now x4 rifters can do damage but against a myrmidon? A stabber (fleet issue or otherwise) would be possible but both?

Still, I have thrown myself into worse situations and got into the jaguar and joined the gang. Into Eifer and yes, indeed - Myrmidon and stabber to name two. Unknown to me, I was made gang leader that included RailDuke, Jubes and Nozarro. We scanned and tracked the ships down and I gang warped to the top belt. Note: I had only just logged in about 120 seconds ago after a week of being away from EVE.

Bursting from warp, we landed close to the myrmidon. I webbed, scrambled and kicked off the weapons at the hulking battlecruiser. My overview updated and x5 drones came out - and they targeted me. Then horrors! My GUI was stuck, I tried to web the drones but the nothing was happening. I started to activate / de-activate the modules but nothing was happening. Gang chat was not updating either and I feared the worst. I started to hit the warp to option and after a minute, I spotted the dreaded 'Ship is out of Control' then my GUI was disconnected....and I was presented with the logging in screen.


Logging back in, I found that I had indeed lost the Jaguar but was not podded. Embarrassingly, I had to ask the chaps on the killmail if I had managed to hit them!


Anyways, losing the jaguar hurt but what the hell! I grabbed a spare rifter and was back in the black....and instantly scanned down another rifter that was ratting. I popped him in two volleys and killed him. I wanted to hurt someone so I did.

Does that make me a bad person?

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Redbad said...

Nice stories Flash! Keep up the good work.