29 Aug 2007

Another 4 v 1....God love it.

What can I say? Was in a rifter (sprinkled with some T2 mods) and I tackled a stabber ratting in a belt. All was well until a rifter pounced in, then another and then a thrasher. They were all rookies not one was over 1 month old.

Yaaarr. Been in 4 v 1 odds before and I hit the afterburners. Amazingly, I was not webbed by anyone or they had forgotten to? I concentrated on the stabber and blasted off it's considerable shields. I had my webber on him too for good measure. Meanwhile, the other four ships were all flashing red at me and throwing everything at me.....and missing.

Laughing I concentrated on killing the stabber but one of the rifters finally got into his optimal range and my shields shrank quickly. Feeling a bit miffed, I switched my webber, guns and rocket launcher from the stabber and onto the rifter. I kept the scrambler on the stabber. The rifter was knocked sideways by the blast and the pilot quickly warped out. Meanwhile the second rifter pilot had obviously woken up and webbed me.

Situation changing fluidly, I responded by targetting him just as the thrasher managed to get several excellent hits on my. Puffs of atmosphere spurted from my ships, I had no shields and my armour, despite the best efforts of the T2 repairer was in danger of failure. I was also being nossed (by the 2nd rifter I think) so my cap was disappearing.

The second rifter was the danger though and I blasted him but failed to kill him as he too warped away. The stabber was still scrambled but he didn't have enough sense to GTFO. Still, I had missed out on two kills. Then just as I was settling in to kill the thrasher, the two rifters returned and with several more excellent and good hits, I was down to hull.

Not good. Worse was to follow, some angels spawned and they instantly locked me too!

I had seven targets now firing on me.

I had to bug out. So I did. No one had the sense to keep even a single point on me.

My ship was still on fire when I returned to get it repaired. I wanted to come back to get these four noobs so I switched to my rupture. I jumped and on the way back saw a blinking red Drake on the gate. Hmmmm.

I circled the gate and locked him, he was an outlaw like me and well, I wonder just WHO was on the other side of the gate? I activated the gate and was shot to the otherside. There was a camp and at least seven ships: a typhoon, lachesis, thorax and the rest. I had no nanofibres, stabs or speed mods. Shrugging, I aligned and decloaked and tried to warp out.

Amazingly, I took damage and was down to 50% armour but warped out in what seemed like an age. No one managed to get a point on me.


Well, that was interesting.

The day ended well however, I was in my rifter and helping out Kane who was having trouble locking a vengance that was bugging him. We went in and started to hunt. It was a good 15 minutes of scan and warp and baiting, we managed to catch up with vengance twice but it was quick to warp out. However, he was NOT leaving so it was only a matter of time. I finally scanned and jumped him. I called in Kane as my ACs spat death at the vengance. It's shields disappeared very quickly and I was into the armour. Kane appeared and the vengance, died. I was not paying attention and missed the pod.

The night ended with Kane and I chasing a super fast missile launching MWD'ing rifter. The pilot was 'Ashihei' and I hope bump into him again, and soon.