27 Aug 2007

Uneven odds. I love it.

Yaaarrr - am back. Well sort of. Am still more or less without an EVE capable machine but that won't stop me.

With eagerness, I undocked in my rifter and hit the big black. Eyes scanning for prey. Local was once more very busy and the number of farmers was staggering. A good friend of mine was in local and was being ambushed by a Harbringer and being a friend, I redocked got my hurricane and jumped in. However, my friends in his thorax had actually killed the Harbringer already and had scrambled the pod. He had no intention to pod the poor pilot but well, I did. We both got a sec hit but since I am -10 it didn't matter. My buddy, who introduced me to EVE and PvP was a bit more pissed at me. We had a good laugh about it though. Sorry V. He'll probably kick my ass (again).

A bit later, I was roaming in my rifter when I chanced upon a known farmer in a caracal. My interest piqued, I scanned him down and amazingly, he was in a belt and ratting. I jumped in just as he jumped out. Gah. I turned round and scanned again but the farmer was off to the gate. I jumped after him but I only caught the tell tale gate activation as he jumped through. I gave chase but he went from gate to gate.

Disappointed, I returned to my roaming and found nothing. If I favoured gate camping I might be in the money but meh. I redocked and got my punisher out, hadn't taken this puppy out for a spin for a while and as I undocked and the gui cleared, I saw yet another farmer in front of me, this time in a thorax. It was 'CWQ2000' and amazingly, not in a NPC corp but one called D E D. Many farmers band together and form corps; which is good 'cause I can war dec them. Anyway, CWQ2000 saw me and instantly locked me and fired.

I took some damage but I did not retaliate, instead I docked and grabbed my hurricane. It was the only thing available and quickly checking the ammunition levels, I undocked and prepared to do battle. Local was FULL of the farmers. The thorax was still blinking at me and I opened up on him, confident that the sentry guns would stay silent.

My EMP rounds chewed into him and I webbed him for good measure. The thorax traded shots with me, eager for a fight. Soon, I understood why: a Maller undocked and engaged me. This ship was piloted by 'Nuren1' - a well known farmer. So it was a 2 v1 and I was not too bothered. The rax would be dead as I sent my drones buzzing around him. His drones were ineffectual. The thorax (a lovely ship) was tanking very well when space around me exploded and a raven warped in. It was another NPC pilot, no doubt the farmer's friend and to top it all off, a fourth ship arrived, a deadly fanged incursus.

So with four ships pounding me, things didn't look too good now. As my shields were stripped off, the thorax exploded in a glorious flash. I turned my fury now on the maller and unleashed hell on it. My armour was now taking a bit of a pounding and my repping was not keeping up. No matter. The maller at the very least, had to die as well.

It did and I turned towards the menacing raven - but it turned and ran. Gah!!! I couldn't catch the nimble incursus either and within seconds, I was alone outside the station surrounded by the still flickering wrecks of the thorax and maller.

A good fight nonetheless.

Loot was crap but the it's about the concord killmail yes?

Later on, I tackled a rupture, it had x2 stabs on it and naturally it got away. A second rupture was around and without thinking about it, I locked him instead once I scanned him down. It was a trap however, as an Arazu appeared. I was with Kane Rizzel who I called in and we popped the rupture-bait but I blew up.

Switching ships, I ended the evening with an industrial kill! It was loitering in one of the asteroid belts and I killed it. I opened up a convo to negotiate a ransom but it was rejected. A clear answer it would seem so the pilot was podded as well.