25 Jul 2007

Vexor kill.

Kane Rizzell has been a regular scally wag in Eifer and we've been chatting on the independence channel for a bit. I was making my way back to Gusandall to drop off some of the loot from my foray into Hadozeko; when Kane asked me to help him with a huginn problem. Laughing, I discovered that he was tackled by the huginn and Kane was now jammed to kingdom come. However, the damage from the huginn was pitiful and Kane was in no danger of his armour being scratched. By the time I reached Eifer, Kane informed me that the Huginn had left.

No matter something else had caught my attention: my address book informed me that 'Wuabba' had logged back in. Now this was fun, chances are he would be back in auren; ratting. I also noticed that Wuabba, OriasV et al had left The YingYan Concept corp and formed a new one called the 'White Flame Armada'. No matter.

I jumped into Auren and yes there he was. A quick scan and I found him in a vexor-class cruiser in a belt 5. Quickly informing Kane if he would be interested in helping, I jumped in and tackled the deadly drone boat. My priority was to destroy his drones so with 1pt on the vexor, I webbed and blasted the hammerhead drones. Wuabba probably wasn't paying any attention and didn't get his drones to attack me until he was down to three. He then launched two more and it was game on. The drones buzzed round me and chewed my shields while I quickly tried to despatch his drones. I killed three more before they were withdrawn and then released. Looks like Wuabba had learnt some tricks.

Meanwhile, Kane had arrived in his hurricane class ship and it would be game over for the unfortunate Wuabba.

So it was, I tried to snag the pod but Wuabba had logged!

Fair enough, we would sit here and wait for him to relog.

We waited for about 30 minutes and nothing. Kane had to leave and I stuck around for another five minutes before I too, had to leave.

Wuabba eventually relogged an hour later.