25 Jul 2007

A good day and night of work

Still in Hadozeko, I decided that I could use the on-board scanner. I could see a number of destroyers and frigates and cruisers in space. They were not docked nor were they at the belts and planets. They could be at moons I suppose.

I hit the on board scanner and sat in my safe spot. After a minute, the return was an expected: 'no signatures found' reply. Moving to another scan spot (with two target ships in view: a rifter and a stabber) I performed a new scan. Again, nothing found. I manually scanned and yes indeed, the rifter and stabber were all within scan range. I hit the new scan once again and waited, after a minute - I got two responses. Two deep space signature.

Intrigued, I decided to warp to one of these signatures. Arriving, I saw a number of Angels zipping around; plenty of wrecks and a few loot cans. A quick scan revealed that the can was jettisoned from one of the two pilots I was hunting. At a guess it was the stabber pilot.

Thinking that he had docked up to remove some of the loot, I zipped to the second signature. I landed once again, in what appeared to be an angel refuelling station currently fighting off a pod-driven rifter. This was one of my marks -> so I hit the afterburner and closed the distance. The rifter pilot didn't even get a chance to target me - he was too busy. He died under a hail of EMP shells and was podded for good measure. His loot was ok, some named guns that would go on one of my spare rifters.

I zipped back to the second complex with the manual scanner ping ahead and I got a hard return. Looks like the stabber came back. Oh yes. My exit vector landed me right behind the ship. He was facing away and gunning towards a can. Unless he had an eye on his overview; he probably couldn't see me.

Hitting the afterburner I closed the distance just as my stabber victim was opening up on an Angel cruiser. I hit the warp scrambler, I swapped for a 20km this time round as too many potential victims got away from me in the last month or so.

Once again, the stabber was shredded by the 150mm T2 guns. He wasn't being damaged much by the angel cruiser but he died quickly to me. I podded him also. There were too many others in local for me to chat to him and can't have these chaps warn the others now can I?