25 Jul 2007

Hurricane take down but myrmidon with X2 stabs?

So another day and this time what did we spy in local? First there was a hurricane and rupture in local.

The rupture pilot made the mistake of saying:

>> 105k bounty; let's collect.

I had the 105k bounty. Pitiful I know. I lost my 6 million bounty to Red Squad a few months back. Then lost another 1 million bounty to an ADF camp.

So it was a ruppie and hurricane versus a jaguar (me) and a hurricane (Kane). Quite even. I jumped to a scan spot but Kane had already hurled his ship into a belt and informed me that he had tackled both the ruppie and the 'cane!

I quickly warped in just as Kane told me to get a point on the rupture. Agreeing I exploded out from warp and quickly scanned the overview. The ruppie and 'cane were there indeed; however the rupture-class cruiser was over 90KM away and getting further.

Deciding against chasing it, I turned to the enemy hurricane being pounded by Kane's own Hurricane. It was noss'ed and then webbed and eventually pounded to scrap. I grabbed the pod and was about to ask for a ransom when the pod was squished by Kane. Talk about being eager!

The loot was very standard. All t1 for the hurricane and I left the ammo for Kane.

A couple of hours later, the ruppie pilot was back and he appeared to have two friends. One in a stabber and one in a myrmidon. Interesting.

After some false starts and a few close encounters we discovered that the stabber pilot was neutral but the myrmidon pilot was with the Ruppie pilot. Excellent. Some banter in local and we managed to track down the myrmidon and proceeded to tackle it. Before I managed to even get a point on it. The ship warped off leaving it's five heavy drones behind. The pilot also disappeared from local so he had logged. Probably a CTD.

We grabbed his drones and scooped them when three minutes later, the myrmidon pilot logged back in and his ship warped back into the belt, quite near to his drones and slap bang between me and Kane.

With a yarrrr! we get two points onto the myrmidon and proceeded to smash the feared Gallente battlecruiser into junk. His DPS was poor as he had no drones and once he was into armour, he then warped off.


Stabbed. Gah,

You win some and you lose some.

We did snag the ruppie pilot eventually, he hung around while his mate (the myrmidon pilot) left local. The ruppie pilot was tackled by me and then Kane came in. The rupture, feared and respected was ganked.

The rupture was poorly fitted. It had a laser installed.

After a long chat with the pilot, mainly on ship setups we all departed to our various abodes. It was a good night.