26 May 2011

The Captain's quarters...

I have to confess that I am quite interested in the proposed Incarna expansion come June of this year. Details are here in this dev blog by CCP Zulu. While the list of requested (and required) fixes to existing bugs is LONG; the inclusion of this new content does add a new dimension to the whole experience. I like the idea of not only docking up my ship but leaving it too and having a shower and a cup of tea. Of course, in this first iteration, one is stuck inside one's own room but am sure that all these rooms come equipped with an XBox or PS or something similar to while away the hours.

With the potential amount of customisation possible, I can see that there will be a lot of crazy set-ups and I wonder if it is possible to allow others into your room. The mind boggles. Microtransactions come to mind too.

I really want to see if I could mug someone in the dark corridors, once I can get out of my room; until then - where's my copy of halo?

Like I said, I am quite interested.