7 Feb 2011

The so called 'crap T1 cruisers' - let's go for a roam!

I hear a lot of people laughing at the use of the exequoror or bellicose as vehicles for piracy. Certainly, they are not fashionable craft by any stretch of the imagination when compared to the tried and tested rupture and thorax hull, to name two T1 cruiser hulls. Well this is going to change.

I trawled through the so called list of these poorer t1 cousins:

Caldari:  Moa & Osprey
Gallente: Exequoror and Celestis
Amarr: Maller & Augoror
Minmater: Scythe & Bellicose

Am actually quite impressed with these ship hulls, why all the negativity?

I always like to have themes for The Bastards roams (we've had drunk roam, lolfit roam, oversized clip and carbine roam etc etc) and I sense that the crap cruiser roam needs to be looked at. So, there's a roam that I am organising and it will feature nothing but T1-so-call-crap-cruiser-hull roam.

I quite the look of the bellicose and thanks to Lady Shaniqua, I have a decent fit.

Those who have been invited should have an evemail or email from me or TheHermit already. Pirates interested in submitting a request to join this roam need to do so quickly, just convo me or join the in-game chat channel 'INDEPENDENCE' or evemail me.

I would also be interested in some piracy viable fits for any of the above ships. Let's give these ships a little run eh?

More later.