11 Feb 2011

Drunk Roam - Getting ready

This roam is on: http://i-pirate.blogspot.com/2011/01/new-makeover-therefore-new-drunken-roam.html

Thanks for the updates from people.


1. Half a bottle of 2 litre bottle Disaronno (drank the rest this week)? check
2. 3.5 litres of coke? - check
3. A full meal around 19:00? - Organised so should be ok, check
4. Ensuring that I have a pillow and blanket nearby? - check
5. Ice in the freezer? - Check
6. Tell the missus that I might be away downstairs 'for some time'? - check
7. Send reminder update via email / evemail to peeps? - No yet

Everyone else: join our ingame channel 'Independence'. Shout that you want to get DRUNK and shoot things. A squad commander, who I hope isn't drunk, will try and fleet you up.

Kick off from 20:15 onwards - assuming that I haven't started early then someone will have to lead the rabble out without me!