5 May 2010

The Tusker Bastards are in and PI - what's in it for us?


Yes, the Tusker Bastards are one of the teams now participating in Alliance Tourney VIII - but I think keen followers already knew this. My impression of the Tuskers are all positive; we've already flown together on several occasions and it has all been good.

We've had to close recruitment for the time being just to ensure that we could concentrate on the important matters of preparation as well as cutting down on potential spies.

Last night, I FC'ed a roam through low-sec and we had a hoot.

There was already a buzz from the assembled ship captains as just barely 30 minutes before, they had engaged a small camp and destroyed three ships and netted some good loot. The plan was to go back and kill them again but they had scattered by the time z0de landed on the gate and we snagged a devoter only. We tried to ransom the pilots but it came to nought.
As the night progressed, we lost z0de to a cyno-bait-domi. Carriers came blasting into the space around z0de's dominix but what really surprised us was that the newcomers weren't strangers but friends and ex-colleagues! Some frantic last minute private conversations to sort the mess out didn't help as they gleefully detonated a smart bomb and podded z0de ensuring a painful loss.

The fleet continued killing a couple of drakes, an afk faction fit dramiel and a few other bits and pieces. After 2.5 hours, I passed the fleet over to Arrihdaeus who continued with the roam netting more kills, loot and ransoms. All in all a great night.

As I stepped down and got back into much needed administrative work, keeping the fleet chat to a pleasant murmur in the background, I reviewed a slew of information packages all revolving around increased planetary interaction. Looks like Concord had lifted the age old prohibition on capsuleers from creating, controlling and managing assets on planets. The possibilities for The Bastards might prove to be quite lucrative but what could we do? What options are out there?

The possibilities are endless...