6 May 2010

Arrhidaeus - RIP Navy Slicer

It was with some sadness this morning that I saw the destruction of Arrhideaus's Amarr Navy Slicer. This ship has been one amazing little craft, made more so by Arrhideaus's skilled piloting. In fact, his solo efforts this year has been recognised with a strong vote for the April 2010 solo kill of the month. It is May now so I will tally up the votes and present a medal to Arrhidaeus soon with a shiny new T2 frigate hull of his choice. I think I might have an Amarr Navy Slicer in the hangar already, so might just drop it in...unless I lent it out to someone already? Hmmm.

This has reminded me that I need to update the list and post it - there's some impressive solo kills over the last 12 months from us and why shouldn't I toot our own horn now and again?

Speaking of tooting horns, the campaign and voting for CSM5 has begun and I have decided to throw my vote behind Mynxee. There are other fine candidates out there but I like her message and ideas in general, especially when turned on the direction of low-sec. All low-sec needs is to make it more attractive for people to come and occupy it. There is no need for 'pirate' content - so long as miners come to mine, mission runners arriving to run missions, traders trading etc - then piracy will thrive. So am against the idea of tweaking sentry guns for example. It doesn't benefit anyone except those who camp - and they do it so well already.

Anyway, like the current UK elections - go out and vote and make it count.

Tournament preparations

The Tusker Bastards have been busy preparing for the AT8 for a few weeks now and we just can't wait to get our teeth stuck into the competition. While preparatory work is important, it all boils down to how well the team of team will perform on the day. We've seen the list of participants and there's no fear here. Our AT fund is growing (albeit slowly) so if there are any well-wishers who want to aid us poor and rag-tag pirates with purchasing new ships and modules - drop your donations to me, Flashfresh and I will promise that it will be put to very good use. Persephone and TheHermit are also thinking hard on what special event they can organise to help us. It's all go-go here and the energy is great!