17 Mar 2010

Alliance Tournament 8?

Alliance Tournament 8

We've decided to pitch our hat into the ring. There's strong committment and enthusiasm for this tournament. We were on the back-up list for AT7 and participated in AT6, where we memorably killed KIA quite convincingly. It invoked one of the funniest (well to us anyway) quotes, one from Verone who cried out 'it's complete carnage!' Considering no-one had heard of us and had already written us off, we were thrilled. We crashed badly in the next round as our fleet of drakes were pummelled into scrap. Still, awesome fun.

Anyway, AT 8 now looms ahead of us and the rules and format has been further refined, presenting new challenges. I have had a chat with my directors, including the legend known called RoninData and full board support was given. I took it to the membership - presented the plans and was relieved that the overwhelming majority supported the move. There is concern over numbers and activity and we have plans afoot to address this specific issue.

All we need now is a slot; I hear the auction is coming along where some of the places are open to an auction. No idea how much each slot will be but I reckon they will be +2B isk. Fund-raising ideas more than welcome from anyone who reads this blog - going to ask Persephone and TheHermit to think of something fun to do in order to raise some iskies. However, am hearing rumours that we may even have to start probing complexes for isk!

So, if you want to see some genuine low-sec pirates take it to the larger, established alliances in a relatively fair fight - support us and cheer us on.

Anyone cares to donate to the 'Get The Bastards into the Eighth Alliance Tournament Fund without them probing plexes for isk'? Drop me a line.

And oh, I think a cool 5-6 Billion would be nice.

Will it be carnage? Oh I think so....