11 Jan 2010

Happy New Year and an update

Happy New Year and welcome to 2010.

I haven't posted anything of merit during the new year as my internet connection is simply not working - frequent disconnects from the ISP has meant that I get at most, a two minute connection window before it drops again. It continues with alarming and disheartening regularity.

Now, there's a disagreement between the ISP and BT Wholesale on who now owns the problem.

After three BT engineer visits over three weeks, they have found nothing wrong at my end but can't seem to agree on what is wrong only that there is indeed, an issue. Being passed from pillar to post and it is getting tiring and yes, I am getting irritable.

Anyway, The Bastards are ploughing along, busy with Hulkageddon II - full details are here. TheHermit is doing a super job for us, first organising and then leading our bunch of fine Bastards into the fray. There's a rather funny (nay, disturbing evemail) from a miner who is accusing us of having caused a real life death of someone. I find this hard to believe as a blown up hulk will cause gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair but a real life death?

Turning the clock back a bit more, The Bastards concluded our secret (santanic) santa gift giveaway. Organised by Persephone Astrid - each member had a choice of four gifts, differing in terms of value and a final choice of an 'odd' gift. A great way to off-load that troublesome bit of Krull's DNA that was cluttering up one's hangar for example.

I received a stabber fleet issue and plenty of ammo while I gave away an Amarr Navy Slicer and some faction goodies. Great fun!

Anyway, I am off to bash some ISP support call handler's head in! Wish me luck!