1 Nov 2009

October Pirate Speedlinking...

Welcome to my October 2009 speed-linking of pirate focused blogs here in New Eden.

[OOC] - on a personal note with the poor health of my mother (not quite improving) and a couple of humanitarian disasters that I deployed to, EVE has had to take a back seat.

Anyway, what has been going on the length and breadth of New Eden's piracy? Here's a very, very quick round-up....

No one could have failed to have noticed that Mynxee was pounding the drum for the Hellcat's party. Her idea simply grew and grew and by the time the party had kicked off, Evati local (and the Hellcats public channel) was heaving with party goers. Local was a mish-mash of impromptu 1v1, the station was also camped by some party crashers, there was some whineage in various channels about targets and over seeing this entire ensemble was the queen of piracy herself, Mynxee. Her after-party thank you and thoughts is well worth a read.

There was also a nice surprise Celebrity Death Match (CDM) that Mynxee was asked to participate. The brain-child of this fun series of matches is Nashh Kadavr, who had placed an application with The Bastards a while ago with the condition that if he beat me, he would be considered. Mynxee and Nashh were to go up against Quivering Palm and Luminus Aardokay of Split Infinity Radio. Ships would be faction cruiser with some tip-top commentating by EVE Alliance Tournament commentator, Teadaze. Mynxee's report is fun and exciting.

Mynxee is my view, should be running for CSM herself but for now, she's content to comment on the candidates and their policies, she's done an analysis on the 49 candidates so far and has already found a fair chunk of them uninspiring and wanting.

Kane's blog is always on my to-read list and his latest exploits has shown that Mr Rizzel is now an Admiral having an impressive fleet that includes his latest toy: a carrier. Recently, he and friends from Mean and Hellequin got together to pop a POS tower in Sotrenzur. I was in a roaming frigate gang when we spotted the cap ships on our scanner and it was good to get some corroboration from Kane. Kane is also a respected fighter of the highest order and I have been honoured by flying as his wing-man in the past. Like me and Wensley and countless others, we fly the rifter and love it. Kane's philosophy, prompted by Wensley excellent post is simple: Fit to Win.

Check out Kane's impressive KillBoard.

Nashh Kadavr is now a Bastard but he's more well known for his well thought out celebrity death match (CDM) series of blog posts. He has already fought a number of times and is doing well. His account of CDM during the Hellcats party is exciting and gripping. An enjoyable series of posts and amusing insights into these 1v1s.
Nashh has been unable to log-in recently due to a hardware crash on his gaming rig but we hope he should be back in the groove soon. Certainly, the killboard and ransomboards are missing his love. Come back soon mate.

With a new name for his blog (Rifter Drifter) and layout, Wensley continues to lead the way with rifter based may-hem and madness. The latest post has Wens showing off the signature making abilities of yet another Pirate, Helicity Boson of the Python Cartel. Who said pirates didn't help each other?

I loved his article (Price of Death) in which he discusses in detail, the cost of pvp and the balance between winning and losing and the isk cost that this entails. Wens brings in and attempts to collect together the different schools of thought when it comes to ship fittings and I thoroughly applaud his effort in doing this. Well done Wens - a talent with the written word as well as the 150mm T2 auto canon!

One of the craziest and most fun persons that I know of, is Spectre3353, AKA EVENewb. He's on my quick read list and the antics this chap gets to is nothing short of outstanding.

I knew that Spectre had decided to run for CSM and I threw my support behind him, as did many other of the pirate persuasion. Unfortunately, Spectre fell foul of some EULA ruling that barred him from further consideration. Spectre took this in his stride and decided to get some isk via his silver-tongue and scamming. He's good at it though he attributes the ease of isk to people's greed as much as anything else. Still, he has been accused of being a 'lost cause to humanity'. While I don't scam - I understand that it is a viable method of isk generation and I loved the post. All power to you Spectre.
The last time I visited Andrea Skye, she filled me with some confusion - she's left New Eden for something called WoW, claiming it is a little something sweeter...however, piracy and New Eden always will call people back and being pulled back in Spectre's scamming antics (see above post) - she did her own thing and made enough isk to get a machariel....only for her to lose it. Andrea called it Karma and took the loss with some aplomb. She can always scam to get more isk.

Shae has been so busy in real life and in-game that's it has reduced her pirating time somewhat. However, when you read her latest published installment, I think we can all agree that it is worth the sacrifice.
Well done Shae, you are an inspiration...

Hulkageddon was an event put together by Helicity Boson of the Python Cartel. She deserves the credit for bringing together the groups and doing the lion's share of the organising. A fun event that resulted in much dead miners in high-sec. Due to the swift CONCORD response, we were unable to ransom any of the miners.

She has a nifty new site as well and have I mentioned that Hel does a fine side-line in signature art? I love the clean and clear colours and lines she uses.

Omgah the friendly pirate is another PC pirate putting his thoughts down into a blog, no doubt inspired by Spectre.

I was looking forward to some excellent yarr tales of yet another rifter loving pilot but his post was in March and he explains that with the demands of the new client, he would be grounded for the forseeable future. All power to you and hope to see you back in the yarr!

Eve-pirate is a great site but I have neglected it as of late but there's a new post by a chap called 'Grumbles' who has skilfully posted about what an adrenaline rush piracy and pvp is in New Eden as he embarks on his first solo kills in his thorax. New posts include: On a Whim and trial of a newb, part 1. If you want quick snippets of pirating goodness from newer bloggers, go to Ander's excellent site. I still think their forums can do with some improvement....

I know I have missed out many of you but have no worries - am going to try and attempt a part 2!