24 Sep 2009

Top 100 Kills?

Despite our insistence on ransoms and pushing our bespoke ransom board as a partner to the ever present corp kill board, according to BattleClinic we are now ranked 100th on the current corporation KB rankings...we have cracked the top 100!

Not too shabby for a small corp like ourselves. We're in good company: BYDI, Outbreak, Xenobytes and D00M to name four.

Am even more pleased (nay surprised) that I am also ranked top in The Bastards according to BC, however I can explain this anomaly: it includes all my kills including a hat-full I had collected when I was a pilot in Black-Flag. Still, 'tis good for the ego! However, overall I have slipped from my all-time BC high of rank 283 to my current position of rank 348.

Anyway, fun to look at but now I suppose I should try and synch up my kills from The Bastards onto BC...just to tie-up any loose ends.