23 Sep 2009

1B isk in ransoms this month...

Last night, in a mixed fleet sprinkled with recruits we decided on a roam with z0de FC'ing. We chased and hunted but the prey was illusive however - Happy San made us all aware that we were 26.8million isk short of hitting 1B isk in ransoms for this month. This gave us an added incentive and it came from a most unlikely source: another pirate.

Lorem Silat was roaming around in his rifter and he managed to tackle someone ratting in a belt, z0de already poised to strike in a deep safe, saw an opportunity and went after both of the pilots. Not surprisingly, he lost both marks and there was much cursing. However, Raelyf and Zeasier managed to snag Lorem Silat 30 minutes later and decided to ransom the pirate's pod, with a full explanation of course for the specific sum of isk required for release. Lorem, kindly cooperated (well he was also webbed and pointed at this time) but he transferred over the required isk and our September ransom amount hit 1,000,000,000 isk.

There was much rejoicing!

Even more cheering when I checked and announced that our loot sales so far had also topped 1 billion isk as well. Only sold one third so far; so am expecting more isk in the near future. I hope that some of our recruits got to experience what it was like to fly with us. Even with no major kills on the night, it can be fun.