7 May 2009


I logged on quickly to check some applications emails and some orders that I had posted but was hastily asked to join a fleet of Battle ships rumbling out of Evati. There were two typhoon class battle ships en route and we were going to tackle them. I was the tackler and I was piloting the hurricane.

Both typhoon pilots did not aggress but sped back and jumped back out. Disappointed the fleet moved forward two jumps and managed to engage an abaddon and his thorax companion. Both were smashed to pieces.

However, this post isn't about that kill - no, it's about one that happened a few hours later once I had logged out and went to bed. The Bastards were part of a mother ship kill. Holy cow - an Aeon was probed out and located just as it cloaked up. The pilot then went AFK - a large fleet was assembled and, Benny Hill style, swept a 100 x 100 x 100 cube of space in order to decloak him.

Patience won out and the kill was made of a mother ship by The Bastards.

Mynxee has a blog post about it, as she was lucky enough to be online to do it. A fair few Euro based Bastards were online too; at 01:00 in the morning? Man, some people need to sleep and yes, I was weak and succumb to the sleep monster.

Well done you pirates, well done!