25 Apr 2009

Quick in and out

Logged in last night; had a chat to a few fellows and conversed over the recent kills. Especially the two scorpion kills.

Good to see some friends and applicants make it on the kill and especially Rabid Rich, a highly regarded pirate and killer. Gorgoleon has been with the corp less than a week and has already made a significant impact; he is a very kill hungry and blood-thirsty pirate and a damn fine pilot to boot as well. Am very happy to see him in our fleets.

Going to be busy over this weekend so will save up the posts and work on the missed speedlinking post of March. Going to combine it with April so that I have a gigantic two-month pirate blog roundup. Should be fun.

1 comment:

Sard Caid said...

Looking forward to it!

Neglecting my blag for so long at least means I have oodles of fights to relate about. I'm thinking I might have enough material myself to make a good post every two days for a few weeks.

As for inspiration to write those posts? That remains to be seen. =)

Love your work Flash, keep it up!