24 Apr 2009

Cruiser roam and our probe.

There was a cruiser / battle cruiser roam last night. I joined up late as the fleet already had a couple of kills and ransoms by the time I joined up. The fleet was distracted by a couple of missioning typhoons that we came close to probing out but we finally ended up in Atlar - having set off all sorts of warnings in the Molden Heath Intel channel of our presence. Didn't realise that this channel was still working or even trusted but there you go.

Initially, we smashed apart a rifter/cruiser gang that had killed Bhaull at planet II. We even managed to pod some of the enemy pilots, all refused ransoms. We then found a hyperion class in a belt. It screamed 'bait' but we said 'what the hell' and went in. A stabber fleet issue whipped in as well both were pointed and webbed and then the hammer dropped on us. In the confusion, half the fleet was accidentally warped out by the squad commander. Jmarr, after warping out, bravely came back in. He was determined to sink the hyperion we had initially tackled. It was near hull when we left.

Unfortunately for us, the enemy fleet, very battle ship heavy, pulled Jmarr apart. He was congratulated on his tank however and gracefully accepted the praise. z0de and 3Jayne lost their myrmidons and RoninData, had his drake (why is he flying a drake?) smashed to pieces around his ears. Speaking of Jmarr, he applied to join us but had his application withdrawn - mainly due to his inexperience but he is impressing everyone with his rapidly improving skills and eye to detail. Certainly, we are delighted to have him flying with us and he is determined to do well and learn. Excellent attitude to have. Gorgoleon was a successful applicant and now has The Bastards infamous winged skull with crossed swords motif stitched onto his flight suit; he's turning out to be a right bastard: smart, deadly and with a mouth to match. We love him. He was in a probe-class ship last night, determined to kill someone in the crappiest ship possible (bar the shuttle or rookie ships). Personally, I like the probe; 'tis a good cargo carrier. He was using it as a cheap covert-ops. Minus the role bonus and good looks.

Anyway, Gorg lost his probe to the remnants of the rifter/cruiser gang (from z3ro gravity corp) that we had killed. So SAD PANDA.

The night ended up in defeat but it was drowned out by the chuckles and roaring laughter from our pilots. We have to come back to MH again.


Anonymous said...

Cute panda..

Mynxee said...

zomg, adorable panda!

Ya know, some of us Hellcats and Bastards went on a little roam last night and a few of us got spanked...but Vent was full of laughter and kidding each other around for our "incompetence" as we analyzed what exactly might have been done better. It's great to fly with people like that.

Sard Caid said...

Yeah, definitely have to keep your guard up in MH these days.

Zero Gravity are decent folks, though I've never heard of the group in BSes that blobbed y'all. Better luck next time.