31 Jan 2009

Ouch - GoodFight Cry Havoc

Ouch - we got our balls kicked between our legs. Cry Havoc did the right thing, brought a great setup and had excellent target calling.... and those paladins are obscene. Our plan was to quickly knock out their ishkurs and then concentrate on the paladins but they dropped our support first (Vigil, Griff and Kitsune) very quickly - too quick for us. The drake is a relatively slow damage dealing machine, able to soak up fire and then grind their way through the opposition. Missiles, after all take time to travel towards the opposition. I think the drake swarm had merit but our previous setup with the four abaddons was better. The large lasers able to inflict instant damage across distance - it makes a difference you know?

However, shield systems have a EM hole......and lasers just love to poke in that hole. Our biggest weakness was their biggest strength. Even our heavily shield tanked drakes; the focus of laser firepower from four of these paladin ships - ripped through them with ease. We had planned for them: we were going to throw ECM drones on them; but landing 50km from the paladins meant that our little friends had to fly their way towards the marauders. That was the first problem; we allowed the paladin free shots on any ship for a good half minute until our drones reached them. In that time, our frigate support was taken out and that was it.

Once our ECM drones locked on; we had no more EWAR support so Cry Havoc's own ishkurs then did the number on us. We were dampened and jammed and couldn't get any traction. Eventually the ECM drones were all destroyed by the paladins (smartbombs most likely) and they could once more join in the fight. I switched my resolution script for a range script to break past the dampeners and I managed to kill the last ishkur before I blew up.

What should we have done? Well hindsight is 20-20 but we should have landed closer to the abaddons, warping into the beacon at 0 and went for at least two of the paladins just to get more points instead of burning away from them. Seven drakes would be an awful lot of DPS even for a paladin to tank. Being closer would have partly negated the effect of the dampeners and given us a more of a chance.

Good Fight from Cry Havoc; no complaints apart from one of their number warping into our assembly area! Sneaky I have to say. Hope he had a passive targeteer 'cause that's what I would have done....

Here's the audio: http://audio.eve-news.net/Alliance_Tournament/6/Day3d3_match16.MP3

We now wait for the other results, we think we have a slim chance of progressing to the next round IF there's a number of totalhelldeaths from the teams already above us who are battling those below us. We cling onto the slim chance that we finish 31st or 32nd out of the finalist and get in. We really needed to get more points during this match to add to our 125 from the KIA match. Like I said, slim.

Just wanted to thank all The Bastards and their friends for their unwavering support. Just for them we should have won that game and gave them something to cheer about.


Kane Rizzel said...

I'm gutted mate, was rooting for you guys, even listened to the match in the middle of my evening rush at work in the back of my kitchen.
Their setup was the perfect counter to Drake swarm.
Here's hoping you guys get through on points

Sard Caid said...

Tough luck. Here's to hope that the Bastards manage a few more fights in the tournament.

Quintrala said...

Bummer... this was the only match I tuned in for today, and I had a favourite.

Hey, but hope you go on to the next round :)

Mynxee said...

Yeah that was a tough loss, but very good summary and thanks for the insights as to why the advantage went where it did, Flash. Congrats to Cry Havoc on their victory. My fingers are crossed we'll slip through into the next round.

X1376 said...

Yeah, this happens. No worries, you still have chance to get into next round!

I myself observe Tournament while keeping low-profile. In the first round my alliance, IRC, lost but did great comeback yesterday.

So we are about on the same boat now, waiting for results of the 2nd qualifier round.

Muhaar said...

Unlucky, guys. Hope you make it to the next round despite the loss.

I skipped the live audio feed yesterday and dodged any site with match results on it so i could enjoy the vid. But i did not enjoy it as much as i had hoped.. :(

InterDict said...

No matter what happened you guys were my top choice, congrats on your first victory it's was yarrrr-liscious.

As for the second, well I was rather suprised by all the drakes - those damn EM holes sure hurt, but you're the Kings of Rebound, here's hoping that some of the other teams make monumental cockups!

All the best, nothing like seeing A Bastard in local.