29 Jan 2009

Am alive but we are er, hunting rabbits....

Shhhh - am alive but I am hunting rabbits.....

Actually, my blog posts have been a bit curtailed as of late; with the Alliance Tournament I (and many others) have been busy testing and re-testing setups and tactics as well as engaging in an exercise of internal security. Our recruitment has been postponed since before christmas in order to cut down any potential spy infiltration.

We have completed our examination of our actions against KIA, that match is in the past and no-one in The Bastards has even mentioned that win for days: we have Cry Havoc ahead of us and what focus we have (we're pirates after all) has been on this new opponent.

Thanks to Massively! we were mentioned positively by James Egan and Scrapheap Challenge has started another thread here.

I was called in by my CEO RoninData and was told (once again) to be on stand-by; no-one knows the setups but he did ask me whether my hurricane was rigged and ready to go. Of course it was, I replied - they always are, all five of them! I am a 100% hurricane specialised pilot, all my primary skils related to flying and fighting in this beast are at maximum ability. However, this ship hasn't seen too much action, if any in the any tourney. The flavour of the tourney, still is the ishtar I think.

Meanwhile, piracy continues under The Bastards flag and Hera Darkthorn has been killing people in a most impressive fashion. One of his latest kills is a vagabond with a taranis and such has been his prowess (other kills included an arazu and the arazu pilot with Hera in an ishkur) - that our CEO had awarded any T1 hull from our loot hangar to Hera. We even have the best solo kill awards running again. Best solo kill I ever had was a rifter versus a tempest; though the tempest pilot was a complete nub and didn't even deploy drones on me.

Anyway, the clock continues to count down. I hope we do well against Cry Havoc - they look like a fearsome team with a well-earned reputation and no matter what happens; it will be fun. Roll on Saturday!


Mynxee said...

Like all the rest of us, I'm very excited to see what the outcome of Saturday's match is!

Anonymous said...

Good luck You Bastards!


Ombey said...

G/ luck on Saturday, I have just been asked to either fly for Ushra'Khan or be on standby for it, so I may well be fighting also \o/