15 Dec 2008

Atchoo with some pure sex thrown in......

Been quite ill so not much to post about in the last week; I missed what looked like some fantastic fights between us and M34N, details are: here. Not 100% sure about the causes of the loss in blue standings but it's a great pity. I think we definitely worked well together but am sure egos had something to do with the breakdown. The loss of the M34N carrier may have put a repproachment beyond us.

What else have I missed? A quick scan on the KB also shows a 5-billion isk kronos kill, a romp into null-sec, an ass kicking by some ECM heavy gang, a T1 and T2 frigate roam and some lol-kills. And lots and lots of loot to sell. In other words, a typical Bastard week.

Am busy reading up on the missed blogs and will have some summaries for everyone soon.

However, just to keep you all amused, I want to thank Pi'rate, one of our newer members for helping us refine our loot-system where the plunder from our kills are sorted out, valued and categorised - all ready for sale either in Hek or Jita. Loot handling has always been done manually. Loot sales and the isk share from our plundering is one of only a small handful of sources of income for us and the procedure needs to be crystal clear; even amongst us pirates. Nothing would poison the corporation than distrust of this nature. Loot thievery would no doubt increase and it would be a nasty affair sorting out who gets what when the dust settles after every fight.

It does get complicated in multi-corp gangs however and we need to put in a system where it doesn't de-generate into a mad grab for loot....but then again, we're pirates and there by treasure!

Still, it is an involved process but deemed open and fair. Each kill and the loot dropped from the kill is split equally between all involved members, including those not involved in dealing damage such as scouts and those providing intel leading up to the kill. All loot kills are collected up and sold as a batch once every couple of months.

With the high rate of pirating we've had; that's a lot of loot with a lot of potential isk and an appreciable amount of administration to keep people up dated. Thanks therefore has to go to RoninD and Jed (to name two) who have been doing a bulk of the work.

Now, check out the results below:

Automated with a handy program that tells us the value of each item sold for each kill. We already know who is involved in each kill through the KB kill-id (held separately) but this organisation of the loot drop is now pure sex and almost an automated process. We can log into the forum and check on the progress. All we need now is for the allocation of the isk share to be done automatically, at the end of each month (for example) and it will be win, win, win.


What can I say but pure sex?

Piracy does pay and we're lucky it has been paying quite well. All we have to do is to keep on looting, ransoming and plundering ships across New Eden and wait for the isk to appear in our wallets a couple of months later. I have a 'phoon and tempest to put together and the isk will come in very handy.....love to hear what 'phoon and tempest set-ups peeps out there think are the 'dogz bollocks'.


Mynxee said...

Just looking at the mind-boggling amount of loot to be dealt with, I can't imagine having to deal with that. Serious praise for Jed, Ronin, and anyone else involved in that effort.

Hope you're back to 100% soon, Flash. We miss you on comms and in fleet.

Ronan Jacques said...

That is a slick program! Especially for folks at such an industrial level of loot in-take XD
Is this thing publicly available or a Bastards exclusive?
Indeed feel better!

Beowolf Schaefer said...

This looks like a great tool. Is this something you have written to use the IGB?

I can't blame you or your code writers if you want to hold onto the code but I'd love to get something like this set up for mission runners and miners as well as combat pilots for my corp. As you say splitting the booty is always one of the biggest pains in the ass. In any case nice work guys.

Anonymous said...

Ah - I always wondered how you guys managed your loot. An almost automated program to help manage it? That screenie is sweet; I suppose the kill IDs are hyperlinked to the KB as well? How do you get the loot in the first place; EVE-Asset Manager?

Anyway, not trying to pry. You guys rock. Well done and keep up the writing and yeah, get well soon!


RoninData said...

Our loot selling process has gone through much refining and progression over the time we have been together. It was almost completely manual over a year ago when there were around 10-15 pilots in corp but now we are currently at the stage where around 50% of it is automated, it has to be to allow us to expand. Truth be told, that 50% is more like 90% if you factor in how long it takes to type up and sort out items.

The loot sales is one of the many things that make The Bastards unique, so I doubt we will be releasing the tools to our pirate competitors and, I dread to even think it, carebears, especially with the amount of tools already available to industrialists and people that won’t even come into low sec.

I think it is about time the pirates had one up on you guys.

Mynxee said...

What RoninData said, imho.

And Flash, tag! You're it!