10 Sep 2008

Some Winsauce

Sometimes, I don't have to do anything. Funny stories come right out of local.....(punctuation and spelling mistakes corrected but the rest is, well - it is winsauce!)....

[16:22:33] Somal Thunder > Deathstar.
[16:22:39] Somal Thunder > I challenge your ship to a fight!
[16:23:23] Saelie > DeathStar is actually good.....
[16:23:36] Somal Thunder > Deathstar, nevermind.
[16:24:13] DeathStar > LOL
[16:25:05] Hitomi Desu > heh
[16:26:53] WayCharles > LOL!
[16:27:06] RoninData > hahahahaha
[16:27:27] Rhyothyn > ROFL


Mynxee said...

I LOL'd. Seen that kind of thing more than once in Local.

Geaux Tiger said...

Freaking hilarious man. I haven't laughed that hard in awhile.

Havohej said...