19 Sep 2008

New SpeedLinking

I love blogs, especially the pirate ones. Here's a selection of the thoughts, accounts and boasts from some of the pirates of New Eden that I found fun and interesting in the last two weeks (or so), that I wish to share with you all:
  • Kane Rizzel acts a teacher and ladles out the knowledge of the YARR to some pilots in the art of pirating class. In my view, Kane is one of the best solo pirate out there. Young prospective pilots can start with Kane right here.
  • Sweet Little Bad Girl does some farmer killin' but don't let the title 'Isk Farmers are People too' fool you. A member of the all-female pirate group, the 'Hellcats' led by a blogging favourite of mine: Mynxee. Drop by their killboard and see how these vixens are terrorising and plundering the unwary and unprepared.
  • But wait, I could not forget Mynxee. Oh no. She has penned a wonderful poem called 'Are you Pi-Curious' and I have played this a number of times to my crew. She's our new pin-up. Will have to drag out the cat 'o' nine tails to instill some discipline.
  • Down by Law by Pegleg Punk - 'Dirty Frarn' - very good account of how he turned the tables on a bear and drank deeply from the inexhaustible cup of carebear tears. Great stuff from a pirate that will be setting the skies of New Eden on fire.
  • Tiger's Space Journeys by - Another new pirate blog, yaarr...yes, he urges us, his piratical brothers and sisters to have a 'talk like a pirate' day. Tiger, I let my guns do the talking but YARR.....
  • Suddenly Ninja's is the most popular Ninja Salvaging and Looting Corporation in EvE Online and I fully approve of their actions. Great website and blog and love the merchandise. Their current post is about Carebear Tears. Mmmm, delicious. Mission runners beware; SN will come knocking on your door soon.
  • Havojeh has a great brain and writes well, click here as he discusses the recent CCP changes.
  • Ka-Jolo's lust for loot and plunder forced him to take his thorax into Empire space. The results were not pretty, read it here.
A long(ish) blog post is coming - just putting the finishing touches on it. It's an update on what I have been doing and my plans for the future - thanks for the evemails guys.


Mynxee said...

*Mynxee blushes and purrrrrrs.

Geaux Tiger said...

Thanks for the link Flashfresh, both for myself and SN. Always enjoyed reading your stuff. Your blog and a couple others inspired me to start my own. Keep'em coming.

Havohej said...


Shae Tiann said...

I didn't know you'd linked my blog til Mynxee told me earlier tonight. Thanks ^_^;