28 Sep 2008

It's Official. Am a Bastard.

Leaving Black-Flag
With heavy heart I switched off the lights of the Black-Flag offices and dismissed the administration staff there. What? Did you all think that pirates did their own paper work? We had minions to do it for us. I sent them on the way; some had been loyal staff and I hope to re-engage their services soon.

Closing the Black-Flag office was easy.....as someone had done it already and deposited the junk of the hangars, mainly ammunition, into my bar and my own hangars. A bit of a mess but I have the full intention of using it!

Joining The Bastards
My application was accepted immediately and I was thrown into the fray before the ink was dry on the contract. Hurtling into the belts and gates as intelligence reports poured in, thick and fast. The Bastards are based in Evati and they have a number of excellent options to plunder: they're two jumps from 0.0 space, at a hub for low-sec mission runners and can be in three other regions in under four jumps in any direction. In the corporation channel I saw with delight, ex-Black-Flagers in Sarvic, Jorge, Snake and Ndor! Literally, old glory times.

My first action with The Bastards was against a Typhoon and Thorax. Just check out the rigs on the thorax. Brave man to be flying that. The 'phoon was bait in a belt and we just all jumped into the belt, both feet first. The rest of his friends came in but we killed a vexor in addition to the above ships before getting out. We lost a rupture but that is the butcher's bill and well worth paying.

LOL Mails
The last week or so has been intense and fun and some of the victims we have come across, quite clearly, are mad or too rich to care. Just check this fit out: megathron of fail and the same pilot in a hyperion of LOLS. Yes, we killed her twice and she's only THIRTEEN days out of Pod academy. Am a bit jealous that after 13 days, she's in a battle ship class vessel. I was in a rifter for months when I started. As you can see from the ship fitting above; she needs help.

Other victims simply did not know how to fly ships or what they were facing. An example is The Bastards' Ndor, ex-Black-Flag, HIC pilot and all-round AUSSIE POWA who tackled a CNR and with help, reduced the ship to scrap. Here's the chat, plucked from local, with the CNR pilot; just before he was podded.

Aireal Rogue > LOL. So what you blew up a 1.5 bill ship. Gratz. Just curious on how you kept me from warping out I had a warp stab on meta 4?
RoninData > It is a SEKRET.

(Hint: it's either a scrambler (2 points! or, umm, Ndor's HIC generating the Warp Disruption Field?)

Yes, some people simply do not deserve to be sitting in a chair let alone a ship.

More Kills
One night, one of our scouts informed us that there was a bubble in a 0.0 system with a relatively weak support in place: brutix, raven rokh, falcon, hound, drake and some other ships. We had over eleven online with nine available to go immediately. No futher ado, we did just that and made rendezvous two jumps away in Todi.We killed the Rokh, Drake and something else. We recieved some (very confusing) smack with (not so) hidden threats and such. Great fun.

Even More Kills
The Bastards are working hard at making life misery for others while enriching ourselves. According to RoninData (current CEO) this, being my first week; we had a record in terms of isk damage: over 5Billion isk worth check the KB out here. A fair chunk of T2 loot drops and ransoms to swell the coffers.

As I write this, I spy a megathron and harbinger in local.


Anonymous said...

Another enjoyable post!

I must have missed something- why did you leave Black Flag?

Mynxee said...

"...some people simply do not deserve to be sitting in a chair let alone a ship." This gave me fits of giggles. Wow, what fun...sounds like you made a great move to the Bastards! I hope this means more posts from you--sure seems like you'll have plenty to write about.

Flashfresh said...

@Ombeve: the decline of Black-Flag and the movement of the remaining pilots to other corp made my staying at BF untenable.

Read this - scroll to the bottom...

Anonymous said...

@Mynxee - oh yes and thanks for dropping by the Independence channel. See you there soon and I will jot down more of my thoughts. Now there was this megathron and harbinger......


Anonymous said...

Ah I see now, I can't have read that one. G/L with The Bastards

Keystone said...

Great post! I can't wait to get my hands bloody.

RoninData said...

Always love your write ups on events, it's better than watching fraps!

Glad to have you aboard, Fresh. Let's drink to good times, lots of juicy ransoms and plenty of booty.


Redbad said...

Nice post again! Good luck with the Bastards, some very nice (and able) persons in that corp.