30 Apr 2008

Early roam - to BWF-ZZ and back.

"Let's roll."

That's all I said as a fleet was quickly put together from the usual suspects around Gusandall. Viper Sam joined the fleet once it was in place and we found ourselves in a nice, well-balanced gang. It consisted of:


With the falcon running ahead as scout we decided on a quick trip, only nine-jumps to a 0.0 gate. The roam was uneventful with a few ships zipping past us, too quick for us to lock. I would have gladly tackled any ship and took sentry fire but each time the ships coming into the system de-cloaked 30 kms or more from my position. Even with my micro warp drive hot, I could not close the gap.

There was a distraction in Messoya / Tasti as we had located the presence of a phobos pilot, tackling ships as they transited through. However, we were unable to pin-point the pilot and had to move on, having wasted a good 15 minutes attempting to track him down. We didn't have any scan probers with us and this made things very difficult.

We eventually made it to Akora and found that the entire area was full of reds. I doubt if they were all together but from a reconnaissance, we discovered that all were docked. A quick glance at the map and we discovered that, alongside some publicly available killbaords, that BWF-ZZ was hot. A nice five-ship gang like ours would prove to be a tasty morsel for the camping residents. We turned back and headed home.

First Golem kill?

Also, I think Black-Flag took part in our first Marauder kill? It was a golem and it looked like fun.