25 Jan 2008

Lost the Wolfie and my trophies

There was an itch this morning and I had to scratch it. The itch was the desire to kill someone, anyone. I went in the wolf to do the deed. Does this make me a psychopath? Loot and riches was a distant second. All I wanted was to hunt someone down, see the mark in my gunsights and kill him.

So I roared out of Gusandall in my faithful wolf class assault frigate and did a quick local scan. Nothing around but not too surprising due to the time zone that we were in. I went into Eifer and my scanner picked up the unmistakable signature of a hurricane-class battlecruiser. I checked local and it appeared that the mark was probably 'Ovip Lokos'. A name that does ring a bell for me but wasn't too sure where. Jubes was the only other Black Flag corp member online and I fired up the comms to him.

"Jubes bro' you there? " There was a moments pause before the distinctive rumble of Jubes' voice came through.
"Hi - am here. Bit busy at the moment."
"I have a possible at IV-3, Eifer. Hurricane." I then fired off the name of the pilot to Jubes. As I aligned to the belt and got ready.
"Getting ship and will be there soon."
"Okay hurry, I don't think he will be hanging around." I hit the scanner to make sure he had not moved and no, he was still sitting around the IV-3 belt area. I hit the afterburner to get more speed and then jumped to the belt. I had a 24KM warp disruptor on and was going to sit around an orbit of 14km and keep him pointed. I landed in the belt and there was the Hurricane. It was looming and angry looking and know full well the intimidating effect the hurricane's clean, deadly lines has on opponents. Ovip Lokos did not hesitate to lock me, I was only 6km from him and whipped the assault frigate away from him, my afterburners glowing brightly. I had him pointed and was now moving into an orbit.
"Jubes: Hurricane pointed." I said and prepared to settle into an orbit. Except the hurricane was closing the distance to me. Was it a nano-cane? I was then locked and webbed. Out came his drones: hobgoblin tech 2 drones. Oh dear, I thought. This would hurt.
"Am on my way!" However, once Ovip's drones were on me, I couldn't get out. My capacitor disappeared and I was helpless. The drones ripped my wolf to fragments. I got the pod out. The engagement lasted all of 15 seconds. Jubes was on the gate and was activating it as my pod flashed out from the belt.
"Get him Jubes. Kill him! IV-3. He should be picking over my wreck now."
"On my way. Guy is dead." Answered Jubes and I full well believe my fellow pirate. As my pod raced back towards Gusandall, Jubes came back to me, his voice thick with disappointment.
"He's gone. He isn't in belt." There was a pause. "He has left local too."

Bah. Down on wolf and no kill either!

2008.01.25 09:05

Victim: flashfresh
Alliance: None
Destroyed: Wolf
System: Eifer
Security: 0.4
Damage Taken: 3841

Involved parties:

Name: Ovip Lokos (laid the final blow)
Security: 0.9
Alliance: Legion of xXDEATHXx
Corp: The xDEATHx Squadron
Ship: Hurricane
Weapon: Hobgoblin II
Damage Done: 3841

Name: Domination Depredator / Archangels
Damage Done: 0

Destroyed items:
150mm Light AutoCannon II
150mm Light AutoCannon II
150mm Light AutoCannon II
150mm Light AutoCannon II
Hail S, Qty: 160
EMP S, Qty: 80
Cold-Gas I Arcjet Thrusters
'Grail' Regenerative Plating I
Small I-a Polarized Armor Regenerator
Gremlin Rocket, Qty: 435 (Cargo)
Thorn Rocket, Qty: 103 (Cargo)
Foxfire Rocket, Qty: 261 (Cargo)

Dropped items:

EMP S, Qty: 80
Gremlin Rocket, Qty: 30
'Limos' Rocket Launcher I
Warp Disruptor II
Gyrostabilizer II
400mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
Barrage S, Qty: 1000 (Cargo)
Hail S, Qty: 299 (Cargo)
EMP S, Qty: 1764 (Cargo)

Anyway, on a separate note, I was checking my assets and inventory when i realised that I had a hidden room off the bar. I checked it and the sign on it read, 'Trophy Room'. The trophy hall is a dirty little secret of mine. I keep all the bodies of my kills in a cryo-freeze chamber. After a pod kill, my ship automatically scoops the body up into the hold and then freezes it and transport it back to this room. It is entirely automated and to be honest, I don't pay that much attention to it. No idea why I keep them here but it's a shame to dispose of them in space. For one thing, they would be a navigational hazard! There is a pilot who, for a slack handfuls of isk will 'bury' corpses around a system in an small anchored can with a suitable epitah.

Right now, I can't recall this pilots name but he definitely has a website available that one can use to search and index corpses. Nice idea and these corpse, while victims of mine, I will respect and I will see what can be done for them.