29 Dec 2007

A trap! A trap!

After yesterday's fun, the fleet was still buzzed about the fight. We still hadn't got all the loot sorted but there was more pickings to be had. We scanned down a scythe that had twice eluded us. I managed to snag it in my wolf once I joined the pirate fleet. We killed the ship but missed the pilot and thus a ransom.
Later on in the day, we had spied a four battleship camp. It was mainly a Roadkill gang, quite far from home it would seem. We made ready to ambush it with our own pirate fleet. The camp was on the Ingunn gate in Gusandall. Quickly, we moved our ships into position: me, Deathstar, Jubes and Krypt in Gusandall. Muhaar, Ichiro, RealZonk and Redbad in safe spots in Ingunn. We were going to catch them on either side and knock them out quick. It would be tough: the enemy fleet was made up of two megathron-class, one raven class and one dominix class battleship. Very tough for a mixed battleship / battlecruiser fleet. We had RealZonk in his tempest as our only battleship. The rest were a mix of force recons and hurricanes. No matter, our aim was to knock out the dominix and then the raven in quick order.

"Shit. Am under fire. Am engaged. Assistance required!" It was Ichiro.
"Say again, Ichiro. Say again?" I had to be sure.
"Hyperion and Hurricane on me and Redbad. Assistance required." Confused, I quickly checked my intelligence notes. There wasn't a hyperion facing us, it was a raven-class, megathron-class and dominix-class battleships we were facing. Not a hyperion. What the hell was going on?
"What the fuck is going on?" Complained Deathstar. "The BS camp is still there, hasn't moved."
"Roger that." However, I had to make a decision quick as our plan was starting to un-ravel."All ships in Ingunn, warp to Ichiro and assist. Hyperion is primary. All ships in Gusandall, we have a camp in front of us. Blast through and into Ingunn. Go. Go. Go." With the decision made, the ships all moved. I was in a neighbouring system so avoided the camp as the initial plan was the hit the BS gate camp from multiple directions but it didn't matter now. Ichiro and Redbad were in trouble. As I was in mid-warp to Ichiro's last position, there was a final communication from Ichiro.
"Ichiro down. Ichiro down. Fuck."
"I have a point on the hyperion." That was Muhaar in his lachesis, along with RealZonk and Redbad. "We're attacking the hyperion! Someone get points on the hurricane."
"Hyperion is primary, I will have points on the cane. " I replied as I burst out from warp. A quick scan revealed that these two ships were from Red Alliance and the Hyperion pilot had a hand in killing my 'cane yesterday at the Eifer gate. Revenge would be sweet.
"Hurricane pointed." Just as Redbad's stabber blew up from the close-range fire of the enemy hurricane. Cursing, I opened up with my own rack of 425mm ACs and blasted at the enemy.
"Redbad is down. Redbad is down." The hyperion however exploded at the same time as Redbad made his exit from his stabber. Jubes arrived in his solo cane and with RealZonk and the others free from engaging the hyperion. We very quickly killed off the enemy cane, I even managed to snag the pod of the pilot and giving him a free trip home.

Once the dust had settled and Ichiro and RedBad docked up, the circumstances of this fight made sense. The Hyperion and Hurricane were complete wildcards and had managed to scan down and break open Ichiro's and Redbad's safe spot in Ingunn while they waited for the rest of the pirate fleet to be ready to tackle the gate camp. They came in behind us from the direction of evati. We did not expect that attack but responded well. Not too sure how Ichiro's Astarte succumbed to the hyperion and hurricane's firepower - though there is suspicion of the use of a webber or target painter on Ichiro.

Meanwhile, the enemy BS camp had moved once Deathstar came through but did not pursue and eventually disappeared.