31 Dec 2007

Corp Thievery

Black Flag just had its first case of corp thievery.

To cut a long story short, Aendoren, a new corp member grabbed a True Sansha Advanced Nano Plating from a fleet kill of a deimos on a gate. As agreed, all loot had to be pooled into a corp hangar so that lost ships and mods can be shared out equally to all participants. This is an understood and agreed procedure, even amongst pirates and murderers.

He denied all knowledge of this and was only undone when:

1. The Deimos pilot asked for the named loot to be sold back to him, he knew it wasn't destroyed.
2. The Deimos pilot posted his loss mail to us and we confirmed that that the kill mail we had was doctored by Aendoren before posting.

Aendoren was quickly locked by the rest of the Black Flag fleet and his ship destroyed. The kill mail revealed that one of the destroyed items was, True Sansha Adaptive Nano Plating.

Aendoren has been kicked from the corp, banned from the vent server and his name posted amongst other pirates as a corp thief.

However, his defence was that we're all pirates and that this behaviour was expected. Maybe, maybe. I can understand that argument and if one wants to RP this aspect of the game, then so be it. There is also nothing stopping the biggest and strongest amongst us from grabbing all the loot at the expense of the other corp pilots too.

Breaking an agreement is a no-no however, even amongst pirates. One can go on and on about honour and all that, but ultimately, in this world and the next, one's word is all that one has, correct?