16 Dec 2007

Lost to the macro'ers!

I had to leave my fleet cane down in metropolis
due to a massive gate camp that would have snagged the ship and destroyed it before I would have had a chance to react. So it was the shuttle for me and yes, the new minnie shuttle is a thing of beauty.

Jumping back, I noticed a lot of ships around and well; pity we had no scan probers with us. Anyway, on returning to Gusandall, the co-operative channel with M34N corp was blinking away like mad. I answered the call and after some deciphering they had first scanned down a big Kraftwerx gang and then, separately (with the aid of another friend) we had located a domi, raven and drake running missions. It was too good an opportunity to miss and we (as in four) all grabbed what ships we were in and jumped to the our scan prober. I quickly looked at the ships we had: I was in my jaguar, Athena in a buzzard, PvPGod in his deimos. Shit, this would be hard. The farmers were in a dominix, a raven and a drake. The drake was piloted by someone we knew about: he usually fitted pvp so would be challenge. Jubes, WC, Blade and I took him down a few days back - details here.

We arrived at the mission gate and saw a shuttle there. Athena already told us that there were scouts there, wonder why no-one had popped him? However, urged on by everyone else, I activated the gates and jumped. The massive shapes of a domi, raven and drake filled my GUI as my jaguar zipped amongst them. We put on points onto the domi while the raven and drake warped out. The main damage dealer was PvP's deimos but I was doing a decent amount too. The Domi meanwhile was tanking.

The raven and the drake came back and landed on top of us.

There was consternation amongst us as we yelled for more firepower - two more M34N pilots were en route in BS-class ships but for us, it was going to be tough. Laneth had already made an entrance but had to retreat, as did Athena in the buzzard. Soon it was just me and PvPgod around the domi with the raven and drake throwing everything at us. The domi noss'ed me and sent it's heavy drones onto me. I had to get out. I tried to tank the first wave of damage but even with a cap injector - I couldn't do it and soon popped. Cursing I warped back to get a new ship. Oddly, they fired on us first so I had no global timer. I came back in the hurricane, joining Dogz and Laneth in a 'phoon and abaddon. The scout was still there in his shuttle, why hadn't anyone killed him yet?

Not taking any chances, I targetted him but he then zipped away. Meanwhile, the others had made it back into the mission area and there was much cursing. They had not only left but had logged too. No sign of them in the local area. Nothing.

These farmers are playing smart...as should we. In hindsight, we should have popped that scout and spent an extra few minutes getting better ships. We knew what we were heading into so should have adjusted it accordingly.

Anyway, it proved to be a fun, if a frustrating night.

Here's a screenie of me and Muelac inwarp.

It's nice.


Milo Caman said...

Nice Screens
Just Wondering, but how exactly do you hide the HUD for Screens Like That?

Alia Xi said...

are you a macro too?

Flashfresh said...

Hit 'ctrl+F9'