9 Nov 2007

Musings of a Pirate - Part 5

No matter what ship I get into and fly, I always end up coming back to using the rifter. This is still the best T1 frigate in New Eden; bar none. Throw me your rocket kestrels, your tri-ion neutron incursus and the bleeder punisher. The rifter can take them all, hands down.

I base this on experience as I have flown all T1 frigates and while there are some nice ships out there, effective in their own way - nothing gives me the thrill, joy and firepower of the rifter. The Bleeder Punisher is probably the next best but the lack of the third mid slot weakens it.

So the rifter and her variants (the jaguar and wolf) are ideal pirate ships. They are fast and hit hard though of the three, the wolf is the more specialised and only useful in a frigate gangs due to it's two mid-slots. The more versatile Jaguar is a better solo machine with four mid-slots. I tend to use the fourth slot as my utility slot and fit either a cap booster, tracking disruptor hell, even a shield extender.

Love it.