9 Nov 2007

Dancing again

A road trip of sorts had me and a cane and ruppie make a 35+ jump into Metropolis to see what was around. The hunting in those areas can be a bit hit and miss to be honest and we didn't see anything at all for a couple of hours. There was a rokh, megathron, sleipnir and Astarte camp in Hadozeko but apart from that, not much else.

There were a couple of pirates who wanted to hunt with us but to be honest, I sensed a trap and decided against it. I only trust a handful of persons and these pirate cut-throats was not on the list.

On the way back, we met up with Grunaca - a former merc pilot now pirating away. In his rapier, it would make a useful addition and we played a game of cat and mouse with a nemesis and manticore, both who were sensible enough to stay away from us.

A hurricane flying under the UFA flag did come in alongside our friend Skigannon - our ishtar friend from a few weeks back. He went afk and was nice enough to tell us, could have been a trap but we pounced on the cane nonetheless with me in *my* cane tackling! It was fun and we pumelled the hurricane and I managed to lock the pod and kill it too. Lovely.

Poor loot however but I did get some ammo.

Local spiked but it coincided with my needing a break.