1 Nov 2007

Cane damage

Viper needed help.

Him and Jubes, both in 'canes were facing off a nighthawk, deimos, rupture and one other unknown. It looked a bit bleak and I had only a wolf available but I did have one unassembled 'cane in the hangar.

What the hell I thought and informed them that I would put one together. Jubes luckily had also asked an Ishtar pilot to join us so it looked a lot more even. With no insurance and some Tech 2 kit on my 'cane, I joined the gang - fully away that I had just put on most of the tech 2 modules that were due to see the market today!

Oh well. I had no insurance either such was the rush to get the gang together. However, Viper was adamant that we would get our kills. Checking the killboards, both Jubes and Viper had made nice kills that morning. Those naughty boys!

I waited on the other side of the gate as Viper went in to engage. Now the nighthawk is a mighty beast. It's shield tank is almost unbreakable but break it we must. I loaded up on EMP rounds to be sure. The deimos however was selected as the primary target with the rupture and then nighthawk following.

The tension was high as we all waited for Viper to call us in.

'X' - that was the signal. I slammed the engines into warp, activated the jump gates and into Eifer.
'X - IV-1', replied Viper to my silent question. I warped to my fellow pirate and burst out into real space. My eyes eagerly scanning the space. There was a deimos at 15km and a nighthawk at 18km. No sign of the rupture. Jubes had also arrived and along with Viper. I locked primary, released the drones, hit the mwd and scrambled the HAC. When I locked I was shocked at the damage that it had already sustained. Viper must be packing some serious ordnance. The Deimos died in a bright flash of light and debris. The nighthawk was next and I turned my guns onto it. My drones screamed over and I hit a tight orbit. The famed shield systems of this ship were no exageration as it took an awful lot of punishment. The ishtar had warped in also and sent it's drones over. Viper was taking the brunt of the damage from the nighthawk's system. Not for the first time have I thought of fitting a remote armour repairer into one of my highs.

Viper's hurricane went down bravely but we redoubled our efforts of destruction onto the nighthawk. It had to die. Jubes, I and Yago (the ishtar pilot) had the nighthawk scrambled and webbed and covered in drones, emp rounds and missiles (from me) and slowly, the shields started to fail. It could not tank such sustained damage and eventually once the shields flickered and died; it was dead. Caldari shields are tough, there armour aint!

This was the loot that the nighthawk had dropped (minus the AC ammo and boosters).....nice nice.