2 Sep 2007

Needs must

Within 30 seconds of my undocking I was zipping towards Eifer in my jaguar - looked like some other independent contractors had tackled a rupture from 'Nebula Rasa Logistics' and needed some more firepower. I jumped into the next system and warped to the location of one of my new gang mates. On arrival, the target was already being pummeled into scrap. What was funny, was that of the gang we had, no one was nominated to negotiate the ransom. The pod was snagged and I was eventually asked to do it. Once I had opened up a conversation with the unfortunate pilot, someone in the gang, antsy that it was taking so long then podded the scrambled pilot for good measure.

So we lost out on some isk. Oh well.

I then killed a Rifter and a kestrel in quick succession; though I really needed to concentrate on the known dangers in system with a number of BCs and BS appearing.

Then our gang managed to engage two Havoc Inc ships on a gate. The ships were a Hurricane-class battlecruiser and a Drake class battlecruiser. Both deadly. Racing in was SavageXXXWarrior in her familiar Myrmidon ('ASBO'). I was in my Hurricane and quickly targeted the enemy hurricane, I was going to leave the drake to last; it's shield tank would be a hard job for us to break.

The enemy hurricane was volleyed into scrap and then it was the drake. The hurricane pilot was in his pod but did not immediately leave. No one bothered to scramble him either as the drake was the prize; so knocking out the enemy cane was a requirement in order for all of us to maximise our firepower.

The concentrated firepower soon overwhelmed the mighty drake. Heavy drones, EMP projectiles and bad language peppered the drake. It's tank broke under the silent sentry guns. Our tackler missed the pod. We cursed, unhappy at losing a pod kill but the loot from the drake more or less made things easier. The gang split about 4 million each way.

The gang roamed a bit and then we spotted a Maller. From the pilot information as provided by concord; he looked experienced. However, after a quick probe we found him and jumped in. Our tackler, in his rifter was blown to bits.

However, well done 'Viper Sam' (here is his portrait....) - his tackle was long enough for the rest of us to jump in.

The maller had an insane tank as it absorbed blow after blow after blow. It locked onto my hurricane and proceeded to strip down my shields but switching on the armour repairer kept the damage at bay.

Inspecting the kill mail revealed that he had a 1600mm plate welded onto the hull of the ship. Talk about an impressive tank.

Well done sir!

Anyway, tackling and killing the two Havoc Inc ships revealed to me that needs must. I was flying in a mixed gang that included pilots I would normally target and try and kill immediately. I suppose the motto ' an enemy of my enemy is a friend - or at least off my KOS'.