16 Jun 2007

Should I keep killing the same pilot?

Well the title says it all. I was out hunting when I spotted a pilot in a rifter. I did the usual: tracked, scanned and ambushed him. Before my global timer was up; the same pilot came in - no doubt to loot his own wreck. So, he warped in on me and I killed him again.

Global flag reset and I waited and guess what? Same pilot came in again, no doubt in an attempt to loot BOTH wrecks. He died for a third time.

Then he came in again for the fourth - in a rookie ship.

I killed him so many times, I am too embarrassed to post the kill mails. Just wasn't right. OK, so the combined reprocessed mineral value of the T1 mods would have paid for a new frigate but still.

Later on, I ambushed a caracal - it had shield extenders on it and but lucky for me; heavy missile launchers too. I jumped him and pumped EMP shells into into, blasting off shields. He was under attack from a single Angel frigate so he turned his attentions to me.
My speed kept me safe though - a passively tanked caracal has no more room for any EW stuff; so no webbers!

A good kill but the pilot warped out. He rejected my ransom demands.