14 Jun 2007

Please Pay Me...

I think all pirates have done this. Sitting in a belt and waiting for a belt ratter to come to you. Normally, I actively hunt but this time; this chap was tricky. He would insta-warp as soon as I came into the belt. Very quick reactions and I did congratulate him on it.

However, I changed tact and observed his ratting pattern. In this one system, he started from the bottom belt and was working his way up. Scanning revealed he was in either belt 6,7 or8. Not wanting to spook him, I decided against going in. Besides, the three belts mentioned were all in line with each other from my scan spot so would prove difficult to pick out.

I warped to belt 9 and confirmed that he was ratting. There were crackling wrecks there and they were claimed by the ratter.

Belt 8 was also empty so I was pretty sure he was in belt 7.

Not wanting to risk it, I warped to belt 5 and waited. Some Angels came in and I knocked them out quickly then settled back in.

Hitting the scanner I waited, he was still in the cluster.

I waited. Willing him to come in.

And he did.


He could not escape me this time and the end result is something that all pirates will smile at:

Some nice iskies later, I let him go.